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Hearing Aid Express CEO Dustin PotterHi, my name is Dusty Potter and I’m a second generation Hearing Instrument Specialist. I spent my youth around hearing aids and hearing tests — apprenticing with my mother, and so it was only natural that I chose to follow a career path that’s focused on helping people regain their hearing, improving their ability to listen and to communicate, and to reconnect with their families, friends and work colleagues.

After working for Mom, I then started working for Mark Brumback- the former CEO of Hearing Aid Express- and eventually worked my way up to South Texas Area manager. I managed the Hearing Aid Express locations in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. In 2007, I reached a point in my career when it was time for me to start my own practice.

At that point, I decided to go back to my home town of Wichita Falls, Texas, and founded a company called Ear Level Communications. Ear Level was a little bit of a different approach for the hearing aid industry. As I learned from my time at Hearing Aid Express, a hearing aid office is NOT a doctor’s office. A well-run hearing aid business, while it does provide a medical product, is not a clinic. It is a facility that provides hearing testing, hearing aids and accessories, and ideally, an expert level of care and service.  I’ve never understood why many in our industry try so hard to make themselves appear “medical” in nature.

I’ve never understood why a hearing aid store couldn’t be a fun place that was modernly appointed, without the clinical feel and lab coats that you see in most places. So, I designed Ear Level from the ground up to be a different type of hearing aid store.

Everything, from the colorful décor to the attitude of the staff would be designed to help people do better with hearing aids, have fun doing it, and be on the absolute cutting edge of modern hearing aid fitting and dispensing technology. Ear Level took off. People loved the new approach, and we really stood out from the rest of our competitors. In just 7 years time, we grew from the single location in Wichita Falls to 9 locations serving North and West Texas.

In the Fall of 2015, I was afforded the opportunity to purchase Hearing Aid Express. This was, for me, a professional dream come true. Not only did I have a great business already in Ear Level, but I had the chance to acquire 11 locations in some of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation, staffed with some of the best professionals in the industry, many of whom were truly still family to me.

The plan at that point was to take the Hearing Aid Express locations and established business concept, and merge it with the Ear Level Communications brand. The Ear Level locations would take on the Hearing Aid Express name. The Hearing Aid Express locations would begin to take on the “Ear Level Look”.

Although there are noticeable changes that can be seen on both sides of this great combination of businesses- there is one thing that hasn’t. We provide the best hearing aids around, fit by the most competent staff in the industry, backed by the best service you will find anywhere.

If you’re ready to hear every note and nuance in the symphony of life, we’re here to help. All you have to do is give us a call today!

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