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Hearing Aid Express CEO Dustin PotterAs a second-generation hearing instrument specialist, I spent my youth around hearing aids and hearing tests — apprenticing with my mother. So, it was only natural that I chose to follow a career path that is focused on helping people regain their hearing, providing exceptional hearing care, improving their ability to listen and to communicate, and to reconnect with their families, friends and work colleagues.

After working for Mom, I started working for Mark Brumback, then-CEO at Hearing Aid Express. I eventually worked my way up to South Texas area manager, facilitating the day-to-day operations for our Houston, Austin, and San Antonio locations. In 2007, I reached a point in my career when it was time for me to start my own practice.

I decided to go back to my home town of Wichita Falls, Texas, and founded a company called Ear Level Communications. My vision with Ear Level was to provide fast & painless hearing testing, top-of-the-line hearing aids and accessories, and exceptional hearing care and service. Our mission was to make our locations a fun place – from the colorful décor to the positive, helpful attitude of our staff – that would be designed to help people live better with their hearing aids, because every memory is worth hearing. In just seven years’ time, we grew from the single location in Wichita Falls to nine locations serving north and west Texas.

In the fall of 2015, a dream of mine came true as I acquired Hearing Aid Express, who was still staffed with some of the best professionals in the industry – many of whom were truly still family to me. I merged the Ear Level mission and vision with the established reputation of Hearing Aid Express. One thing will always remain the same, though: we still provide the best hearing aids around, fit by the most competent staff in the industry, and backed by the best service you will find anywhere around.

If you are ready to hear every note and nuance in the symphony of life, we are here to help. Because every memory is worth hearing…and memories shouldn’t cost too much.

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Dusty Potter, Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist