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Project Description

Halo allows you to take control of your hearing,the breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid, and TruLink™, Starkey’s personalized hearing control app. Halo hearing aids are Engineered to work with your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®, Halo hearing aids allow FaceTime® and phone calls, music, videos, podcasts and more stream directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality – no background buzzing and whistling.

Hear more comfortably in noise

In today’s challenging environments, often times, speech is hard to hear. Halo addresses this issue by offering advanced noise reduction technology and a precise directional microphone that work together to deliver a quality hearing experience.

Improved high-frequency audibility

Halo replicates high-frequency sounds (like women’s and children’s voices) in lower frequencies using patented technology to make them easier to hear and understand.

More nuanced sound quality

Experience more natural hearing with advanced sound compression technology that helps differentiate soft speech from loud.

Enhanced phone communication

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can have clear, hands-free phone calls that directly stream from your iPhone® to your hearing aids.

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Great sounding music and media

Stream various media from music, videos, podcasts and more from you iPhone® directly to your hearing aids for a more immersive and impressive listening experience.

Hearing that is personalized for you

Starkey’s TruLink app puts you in control of your hearing. The SoundSpace tool lets you make minor adjustments to sound quality to suit your specific hearing needs.

Hearing that happens intuitively

Hearing modes established for specific locations can be switched on automatically when the GPS feature in your iPhone® detects you are in a tagged location.

Reliable, hassle-free hearing aids

HydraShield®2 nano-coating protects your aid for water and wax build-up, while the remote control funtion of the iPhone® allows you control and adjust your hearing aids easier than ever before.

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