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Starkey Halo 2 | Hearing Aid Express

Starkey Halo 2

Made for iPhone hearing aids

Halo 2 hearing aids, available in our smallest Made for iPhone® style, help you stay connected to the people and things you love most. With our easy-to-use TruLink® Hearing Control app, Halo 2 is engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®. And with new processing power that’s five times faster, you’ll experience music in a whole new way with pure, refined sound quality.

TruLink control app

Go anywhere and do everything with our breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids and TruLink®, the easy-to-use hearing control app. These advanced new hearing aids enhance every listening experience — and connect easily to your iPhone, iPad®, and iPod touch® via the TruLink app. Enjoy phone calls, music, videos and more streamed directly into your ears with pristine sound quality — no background buzzing and whistling.

Made for everywhere you are

From the beginning, our hearing solutions have enabled people to hear better in difficult environments – and live a better life. With Halo 2 hearing solutions from Starkey, you’ll begin to hear all the subtleties of life: the inflection in the voice of a spouse or the nuances in the notes of a favorite song. Whether it’s one-on-one or in the most crowded places, you’ll hear the world around you.

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