Starkey 3 Series

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Project Description

Patient Driven, Performance Tested

Fit your patients with confidence when you fit them with 3 Series hearing aids. Our most advanced, full line of wireless products, 3 Series enables unprecedented personalization — from fit to features to sound — and delivers the simplicity and dependability that help ensure patient satisfaction. At the heart of each 3 Series hearing instrument is BluWave® 3.0, an operating system designed to maximize performance in the challenging environments patients deal with today.

3 Series is packed with our industry-leading performance features including the unique benefits of IRIS™ Technology — Binaural Spatial Mapping³ and completely wireless programming/media streaming.

Key Features

  • Starkey’s most advanced wireless hearing aids
  • Ear-to-ear wireless communication between both hearing aids, so you don’t have to adjust both devices
  • Directionality to identify sounds you want to hear and minimize those you don’t
  • Water resistant
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Available Styles:

  • Receiver in canal
  • Up to 3 years warranty
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