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Signia NX

For the most natural own voice and highest acceptance

Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, provides the first genuine solution to the own voice issue. It delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with a natural sounding own voice.

The world’s first Own Voice Processing (OVP™) improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 75% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers.

The revolutionary natural sounding own voice provided by Signia Nx is based on its leading Ultra HD e2e binaural link. Its continuous full-bandwidth audio exchange enables dynamic scanning and processing of the wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other sounds, including all other voices.

This allows hearing care professionals to fine-tune the hearing aids for optimal audibility of the entire acoustic environment without having to compromise this audibility to improve the sound quality of the wearer’s own voice.

In this way, Signia Nx with OVP™ benefits all hearing aid wearers. It replicates the natural hearing experience to deliver the highest sound quality and releases the hearing aid’s full potential for best hearing performance in any situation, even in very noisy environments.

The World’s First Natural Own Voice

The revolutionary natural experience of Signia Nx is only possible by processing the sound of the hearing aid wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other voices and sounds.

The key to OVP™ is our upgraded continuous full-bandwidth binaural link, Ultra HD e2e. It now also powers beam-forming technology to create a precise scanning beam that identifi es the individual sound path of the wearer’s voice as it travels to the hearing aids. This level of precision is only possible with the new fully integrated silicone microphone network.

Ultra HD e2e enables instantaneous and continuous dynamic own voice detection and patented dual processing of the own voice and the remaining soundscape.

Signia Nx thereby provides the most natural own voice as well as the best speech understanding in noise.

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