ReSound Vea

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Project Description


ReSound Vea® is known and appreciated for providing great sound – thanks to advanced audiological features. Its feedback management system eliminates feedback, even in challenging situations. Without sacrificing gain. Sophisticated noise reduction keeps sound clear. And Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise ManagementTM and SoftSwitchingTM provides outdoor comfort and speech understanding in noise.


ReSound Vea is available in a selection of small, good-looking models – including a great-looking
new RIE that sits discreetly on the ear. And  iSolateTM nanotech coating shields the housing and each component of ReSound Vea, inside and out. Moisture rolls right off. And ReSound Vea stays out of the repair shop and on your patients’ ears.


One product family. Nine models including RIE, BTE and custom devices. Three technology levels. A wide fitting range. That’s our formula for flexibility. You can fit practically every hearing loss and satisfy every preference. And ReSound Vea is powerful enough to keep up with your patients’ evolving amplification needs.

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