ReSound ENZO 3D

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ReSound ENZO 3D

Get more from every day

Imagine having a conversation at a crowded restaurant or walking down a busy street while being able to pick up more words and sounds with more clarity than ever before. With ReSound Smart Hearing™, this is a reality.

Smart hearing aids do this by combining the best available sound quality with new opportunities to connect and interact with the world around you. By adjusting to your environment, they optimize the sounds you want to hear.

With the new ReSound ENZO 3D™ hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss, you will always be aware of all the sounds around you – no matter what direction the sounds are coming from.

Hear more speech in noise

With ReSound ENZO 3D you get:

  • 60% More clarity of the sounds around you
  • 60% Better speech understanding in noise
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