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ReSound Enya

The value of hearing well

ReSound Enya™ delivers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Available in a wide range of attractive, discreet designs, ReSound Enya delivers all-day listening and wearing comfort. And because every component is coated with water-repellant technology, it has long-lasting protection from water, dust and earwax. With proven 2.4 GHz wireless accessories you can stream sound to your hearing aids and have subtle control of your settings. Now, that’s the value of hearing well.

A good conversation is invaluable

So many of life’s pleasures depend on hearing well, such as a good conversation. The excellent sound quality of ReSound Enya™ helps you enjoy life in all its richness with less effort. Thanks to advanced features, you”ll notice clear speech, the comfortable listening experience and how easy it is to use. So you”ll have more energy to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Clear speech

The advanced Adaptive Directionality feature helps you identify and understand speech in noisy places, both indoors and out.

Listening comfort

WindGuard reduces wind noise so you can hear comfortably outdoors. And thanks to DFS Ultra II, you won”t experience whistling – even when hugging a loved one.

Connect with the ones you love

Enjoy easy, relaxing conversations on the phone, watching TV with your family or listening to your favourite music in stereo – all adjusted to your specific hearing loss. Simply pair your ReSound Enya™ wireless hearing aids to your ReSound Unite™ wireless accessory and stream crystal clear sound directly to your ears. You can also control your hearing aids from your smart phone with the ReSound Control appTM.

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