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  • ClearSounds WIL95
    The WIL95 Portable Telephone Amplifier is designed for use with most corded home or office telephones with the dial pad located on the telephone base. Simply connect the WIL95 to your existing corded telephone and your conversations become LOUDER and CLEARER. The WIL95 will automatically switch on every time you lift the handset and switch off when you replace the handset back to the base.
  • ReSound TV Streamer 2
    The ReSound TV Streamer 2 is very handy and easy to set up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life. Crystal clear stereo sound streamed directly to your ears from up to 7 meters away. Stream stereo sound from your TV, computer or music system.
  • ReSound Remote Control 2
    Change programs and adjust volume easily and discreetly. The ReSound Remote Control 2 is very handy and easy to set up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life.
  • ReSound Phone Clip+
    The Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. So you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even in noisy places.
  • ReSound Multi Mic
    The ReSound Multi Mic enable you to hear more of everything. The voice of a loved one, a teacher, a colleague – even in a noisy place – you’ll hear them with crystal-clear sound.
  • ReSound Micro Mic
    Enjoy exceptional speech understanding and easily focus on the sounds you want to hear, even in a noisy place.  Extend your hearing range by more than 80 feet in clear line of sight.
  • ClearSounds QH2
    With the QH2, you can connect a Bluetooth headset, neckloop or hearing aid streamer to your home or office phone for hands-free and cord-free conversation. The QH2 is compatible with virtually all corded desk phones, as well as corded and cordless home phones. Various set-up options provide superior flexibility. The QH2 provides 30 dB of adjustable amplification and frequency management in both the phone handset and Bluetooth headset so you can be comfortable knowing amplification is always available. Easily switch calls between the phone handset and Bluetooth headset.
  • ClearSounds CSC500
    Life is complicated enough, so we designed the CSC500 Spirit amplified speakerphone to add a sense of ease to your life. Just like an ideal date for a Friday night, this user-friendly device is good looking, has no hidden quirks, communicates with clarity and doesn’t break the bank. The phone has impeccable receiver levels, adjustable ringtone volume and eight photo speed dial buttons so you can easily call your favorite people straightaway…without delay.
  • ClearSounds CR200
    Your telephone rang, did you hear it? If not, you need this telephone ring signaler. This Loud & Clear Phone Ringer makes missing a call a thing of the past. Simply connect it to your telephone and when you receive a call the bright flashing strobe and the extra loud ringer are activated. It is guaranteed to grab your attention. You can also purchase the optional vibrating pad so you don’t miss those important telephone calls when you are sleeping or if you need a silent signal that the phone is ringing. Place the vibrating pad under your mattress or pillow and when the telephone rings the pad vibrates to wake up even the deepest sleeper.
  • ClearSounds M22 Professional Office Neckloop System
    For people with hearing loss and who have t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors, the Professional Office Neckloop System™ provides unparalleled sound management capabilities. For binaural device users, the ability to hear thru both ears can improve speech discrimination by up to 80%. For people with hearing loss that do not have t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors, the popular M22 Headset Base provides powerful amplification and tone control capabilities for use with existing handsets. A single system can be used by people with and with out t-coil equipped hearing devices. The noise cancelling microphone used in the CLA7v2 minimizes ambient noise and maximizes the ability of the person on the other side of the call to hear you as clearly as possible. The System is great for improving employment opportunities for people with hearing loss. With the wide-spread use of digital telephone systems and now VOIP systems, office telephone communications has been a significant problem for people with a hearing loss. The ClearSounds Professional Amplified Office Neckloop System™ provides the ability for accommodating most hearing loss requirements and enhancing communication capabilities.
  • ClearSounds A700
    The all-new A700 DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine is an exciting cordless solution for anyone seeking enhanced landline communication with the freedom of portability within the home. The A700 allows you to create your ideal customized sound experience, providing up to 40 dB of incoming sound amplification, five-level ringer volume control, 10 ringtone options and fullyadjustable volume and tone levels, ensuring that each call is tailored specifically to your preferences. The A700 also boasts outstanding features such as a big-button keypad, bright visual ringer with handset vibration, handset flashlight, alarm clock with snooze function, SOS key and answering machine with remote access.
  • ClearSounds A400
    The ClearSounds A400 offers crystal clear sound quality and interference-free transmission in this well-designed, user friendly package. The large screen and high contrast display makes it easy to see and the Talking Caller ID feature ensures you definitely know who is calling. The talking key pad eliminates those frustrating mis-dials and the talking ringtone option adds a new level of convenience. It’s an excellent phone for seniors, those that are hard of hearing, or someone that simply wants a more traditional, straightforward, easy-to-use telephone. The A400 Amplified Talking Cordless Phone also comes with big buttons and easy-to-read high contrast keypad for ease-of-use.