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Using Food to Prevent Hearing Loss

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a combination of physical exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet can help keep your hearing at the ideal levels and help prevent hearing loss.  After all, prevention is always better than the cure! Minerals, such as Zinc and Magnesium, are important for protecting against hearing loss. Potatoes, broccoli, artichokes and bananas provide a lot of Magnesium. Dark chocolate or oysters can be helpful for getting Zinc. People often don't like dark chocolate because of the belief that it is bad for you, however, research has found that it can actually help prevent hearing loss. People [...]

Talking to Someone with Hearing Loss

Communicating with someone who has hearing loss can be hard. When you are not happy, they will feel it. You might not notice that they have a hearing problem, but sometimes people might miss hearing high-pitched voices or low noises. They can use a hearing aid to fix this problem, but it is never perfect so you should learn some techniques for when you talk to people who have a hearing loss.   When you talk to someone who is hearing impaired, you need to get their attention. This can be hard because they might not know the conversation is [...]

Sleeping with Tinnitus

You have been tossing and turning for the past hour, but that annoying buzzing in your ears refuses to stop! This is a normal night for those dealing with tinnitus.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep despite having tinnitus. Tinnitus can disrupt your day’s routine due to the constant buzzing or ringing sound within the ears.  It may distract you from your work or the task at hand, and may rob you of sleep at night.  A few simple measures can help you get some sleep while dealing effectively with [...]

The Maestro with Hearing Damage

We listen to his musical melodies to this day.  He was a genius when it came to music.  He composed beautiful pieces of music that have survived over generations.  Most importantly, he was deaf! Yes, we are talking about none other than Ludwig von Beethoven. Beethoven was a brilliant musician as well as a talented composer who was born in the month of December in the year 1770.  Even though he was very successful as a musician, he began to suffer from hearing damage that began in his 20’s.  Unfortunately, his hearing damage progressed to deafness due to his own [...]

LiNX Quattro released from GNReSound

When it comes to hearing Layers of Sound™, having hours of rechargeable battery life, and a super-powered chip, the newly-released ReSound Quattro has you covered. Sound Processing ReSound has taken the popular LiNX 3D and redesigned the sound processing package. Now, it provides extra strength in the signal and use of the microphones. Sounds are passed to the amplifier without being altered. You get richer sound quality due to higher input levels. That also means softer sounds are clearer and louder sounds are fuller without distortion. New Chip Quattro’s new chip is now 100% faster at processing, has 100% more memory, [...]

Hearing Aids Get Wet?

Take the steps below to help ensure your hearing aid isn't completely damaged. Saving Hearing Aids When They Get Wet Did your hearing aids get wet? This can be very stressful.  Over 48 million people in America use hearing aids to improve their hearing.  Some users are so comfortable wearing their hearing instruments that they sometimes forget to remove them prior to taking a shower or going swimming.  This can result in water getting into the hearing aids! This causes anxiety because of the potentially damaging effect of moisture on the delicate inner circuitry of hearing aids. In case [...]

Listening Fatigue is Real

Author | American Academy of Audiology What is Listening Fatigue? Hearing loss leads to communication difficulties.  To maintain optimal understanding, listeners with hearing loss must allocate more cognitive resources, or brain power, to listening than do listeners without hearing loss. This increase in cognitive resources required to listen to speech has been referred to as an increase in listening effort. Cognitive resources are not unlimited; using additional cognitive resources to listen leaves fewer resources available for other tasks. For example, to maintain optimal understanding in a challenging situation, persons with hearing loss may need to shift more resources from other ongoing [...]