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Made For iPhone Hearing Aids And The Role Of Your Audiologist

With the introduction of "Made for iPhone" hearing aids, it is becoming clear that convenience in hearing aid technology is growing with each new device released. With Starkey Halo hearing aids, the user can stream phone calls, music, apps and more directly to their hearing aid while also more accurately adjust setting to fit their specific hearing needs. Despite all the new control the Starkey Halo and hearing aids like it allot the user, consumers may still be hesitant to adopt the use of such devices. A recent article from Forbes outlines the current hearing loss landscape of the United States as well as identifies [...]

Hearing Aid Express on Great Day Houston

This week, our very own Dr. Lacey Brooks, along with former Houston Astros manager, Larry Dierker,  appeared on Great Day Houston  to discuss hearing loss, the benefit of aids and exciting new developments in hearing aid technology. Take a second, and watch the segment on our videos page. Also, make sure not to miss out on our corresponding Starkey hearing aid sale going on for the month of June! More Great Day Houston videos  below:  

Starkey Hearing Foundation on OWN’s Operation Change

  All of us here at Hearing Aid Express would like to commend the inspirational work the Starkey Hearing Foundation has been doing throughout the world. Starkey Hearing Foundation is a global, non-profit organization that gives free hearing aids to those in need and will be featured  on the new documentary series Operation Change on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Monday, June 23rd , 10pm 9c. We encourage tuning in to see Bill & Tani Austin and their son, Steven Sawalich, from Starkey Hearing Foundation, as they are joined by celebrities and philanthropists to tackle some of the most challenging issues [...]

Starkey Destiny 1600: Find it at Hearing Aid Express

Made by Starkey, the Destiny 1600 is a quality hearing aid that offers enhanced hearing to people with hearing loss that is affecting their quality of life. This hearing aid is designed for maximum value and performance. Starkey is known for its innovative hearing aids, and the Destiny 1600 is no exception — it's comfortable, unobtrusive and built for years of dependable hearing assistance. Destiny 1600: A BTE Hearing Aid Starkey Destiny hearing aids, including the Destiny 1600, are BTE hearing aids. BTE stands for "behind the ear," since the hearing aid's technology sits behind the wearer's ear. These types [...]