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Don’t Delay Better Hearing

Many Americans suffer from hearing loss. Most of them are taking an average of seven to 10 years before they do anything about it. That is a pretty long time to not properly hear the world around us.  You may wonder what's the harm in waiting.  You probably think you can get by without too much of a problem. What's the rush, you may ask. All that waiting is more than likely causing more damage to your hearing.  Don’t let another month pass before you take action to improve your hearing health. This May pause to take time out to [...]

Visit Our Cedar Park Hearing Aids Store

We're proud to announce a convenient store for Cedar Park hearing aids shoppers: Hearing Aid Express has a location on S. Bell Blvd., just west of the 183A toll road and south of FM 1431. Starkey, ReSound, Unitron and Sonic Innovations are some of the big-name hearing aid brands you'll find as part of our impressive selection. Hearing loss is the second-most common issue for older adults, right behind arthritis. While just 10 percent of hearing losses are helped by surgery or other medical treatment, 90 percent of hearing losses can be treated with the use of hearing aids. Twenty-eight [...]

Hearing Aids Info from the FDA

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website has valuable information about hearing loss and hearing aids? It's certainly a handy resource that should not be missed. A great place to learn about hearing aids, the website even features a checklist for buying hearing aids. Hearing Aids Checklist The hearing aids checklist begins with a very useful recommendation: Before buying hearing aids, get a medical exam from a licensed physician. We agree — and we encourage you to have your hearing tested. Here are a few more recommendations included in the checklist: Consider seeing an audiologist, who [...]

Hearing Loss: Are Baby Boomers in Denial About It?

There was a great story last week in Florida's Foster Folly News about baby boomers and hearing loss. Siemens, a company that manufactures hearing aids, sponsored an Applied Research study called "The Cost of Hearing Loss" that was conducted in May of 2009. The study found that 72 percent of baby boomers think their hearing is average or better, but children of baby boomers said that 70 percent of their family members "have suggested their father have his hearing tested and 64 percent have suggested the same for their mother." Interesting findings, no doubt, especially the conclusion that just 32 [...]

Free Amplified Phone: Are You Eligible?

Here's some great news: If you're a Texas resident with hearing loss, you are eligible for a free amplified phone thanks to the Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP). An amplified phone is wonderful for people who are having difficulty hearing while on the phone and can help them communicate better on the phone. The phone amplifies sound, even when you're not wearing a hearing aid. The free amplified phone STAP program is made possible because of a tax Texans all pay on their phone bill. So if you're a Texas resident who is suffering from hearing loss, you should definitely [...]

Singer Urges Others Not to Ignore Hearing Loss

A friend recently sent us a fantastic recent article from BBC News that he said we just had to read, and we're so glad we did. The article was about David Llewellyn, a 64-year-old singer who nearly quit his choir due to hearing loss. He had noticed signs of hearing loss over several years, the article notes, but then he completely lost the ability to hear in his left ear. It happened overnight — one morning when he answered the phone, he wasn't able to hear the person on the line. Though he loved to sing, this hearing loss made [...]

Hearing Loss From the Sounds of Summer

We recently came across a helpful article about hearing loss. Published in Frost Illustrated, the article reminded us of the all-important truth that summer noises can lead to permanent hearing loss. When we typically think of summer, we look forward to warm weather, sunshine and maybe even trips to the park or beach with family. But what's often forgotten is the many loud noises that come along with summer that can actually cause permanent hearing loss. The article points out that noises louder than 80 decibels such as lawn mowers and fire crackers are loud enough to cause permanent hearing [...]

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Did you know that May is Better Speech and Hearing Month? There's a great letter to the editor in Pottsville, Pennsylvania's Republican Herald that talks about the significance of this month and what the signs of hearing loss are. Proclaimed by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (of which the writer is a member), Better Speech and Hearing Month helps remind us of very important issues. The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association says that there are approximately 28 million Americans with a hearing impairment, and hearing loss affects 17 in 1,000 kids under 18. The writer stresses that if you [...]

Signs of Hearing Loss: Know the Signs

A recent article in the Mansfield News Journal suggests that parents of young children should know the signs of hearing loss. We're all familiar with Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most brilliant musical minds in history, who was unable to hear his own work. The article also points out that Thomas Edison said that after he was 12 years old, he never heard a bird sing. Hearing loss is the most common birth defect there is, affecting 12,000 U.S.-born children each year, according to the article. Since a child's first years are such an important time for development and [...]

If It’s Too Loud, Turn It Down

Portable music players, MP3 players, iPods — these things have been getting a lot of attention lately not just for being convenient and cool, but because they have the potential to cause hearing loss when the user listens to music too loudly for prolonged periods of time. When music is listened to too loudly through earbuds, it's especially dangerous. And that's exactly how people primarily listen to their iPods and other portable MP3 players. Those who are listening to music too loudly for long periods of time are putting themselves at risk for hearing loss and tinnitus. There's a great [...]