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Hearing Aids and Hobbies

Wearing hearing devices all the time can lead to a feeling of restriction. With new technology and expert fitting, you don't have to stop going about your normal life. Hearing loss can be isolating but wearing hearing aids helps make up for it by helping you hear more clearly. When you go for a walk outside, you can't hear the birds and animals because they are too far away. But if you have hearing aids, then you will be able to hear the birds and animals. You might not be able to see them, but when you use your camera [...]

Differences in Types of Hearing Impairments

Hearing loss is a condition that affects many people in the United States. We need to learn about all different types and what they do so we can help them recover as quickly as possible. Out of the many people in the world with hearing problems, Americans comprise approximately 48 million of these. One type of hearing loss is noise-induced which happens when you have been exposed to very loud sounds for a long time. Noise-induced hearing loss gets worse over time and happens gradually. But hearing loss can happen quickly. This type of hearing loss is caused by things [...]

Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible and should be considered a serious issue. Loud noises, such as those in the workplace or at concerts can lead to tinnitus (ringing), which often leads to permanent damage of one's ability to hear for long periods of time. It is important that we learn how loud volumes affect our ears because noise induced hearing loss can even cause people who are not knowingly exposed to these high levels still suffer from this acoustic injury! It might be difficult to make out what level of noises should be considered unsafe. As a rule of thumb, [...]

Wearing Hearing Devices Properly

Getting new hearing instruments can require you to be a bit patient so that you can grow accustomed to your new hearing world.  Over time, hearing loss eliminates several sounds which suddenly reappear as a result of wearing hearing aids, thus these sounds can take some time to get used to.  It is common to feel a sense of exasperation over the initial period, but over time you can work with your audiologist to help you adjust your hearing device settings and help you regain your optimal sense of hearing.  Here are some recommendations that can help you adjust to [...]

Be An Advocate for Hearing Loss

When you first start to experience a hearing loss, it’s easy to see it as something that can only affect your life in a negative way. Yet, as with many changes in life, there is often a way to adjust your perspective, embrace the transition, and enjoy the challenge. All you need is the right attitude, information, and support. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is easy or instant. It takes a commitment to development and a clear strategy. One way to integrate and accept your hearing loss as part of you, is to become an advocate for hearing [...]

Why Early Detection of Hearing Loss Is So Important For Older Adults

Are you already looking forward to the annual State Fair this fall? Or maybe this year is your ten-yearly high school reunion? There are lots of great events that mark the years going by. But did you know that there is something else you should be doing at least every three years to make sure you can enjoy all of them? The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association suggests everyone over 50 gets a hearing health check every three years. If you’ve already noticed the signs of hearing loss, then you may need to get checked more often. So why is it so important [...]

Love Finds a Way – Dating, Relationships, And Hearing Loss

There is no challenge so big that it should stop you from finding love. Making connections and finding the people you want to share your life with are essential for creating a beautiful experience. Hearing loss can be tough to deal with and you may need to adapt some of the ways that you communicate, but the results are worth it. The support you need to find that special someone, or maintain the relationship you have, might involve following some of the advice below and seeking professional advice from a reputable source such as Hearing Aid Express. Ongoing relationships You may have [...]

Study Finds Magnitude of Age-related Hearing Loss Associated with Increased Depression Risk

A new study found that elderly individuals with age-related hearing loss had more symptoms of depression; the greater the hearing loss, the greater the risk of having depressive symptoms. The findings, announced by the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, are said to suggest that treatment of age-related hearing loss, which is under-recognized and under-treated among all elderly, could be one way to head off late-life depression. The study was published online in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. “Most people over age 70 have at least mild hearing loss, yet relatively few are diagnosed, much less treated, for this condition,” said lead author Justin [...]

Hearing Loss and the Holidays

What to look for in loved ones who may be hiding a hearing loss, how to talk to them about it. Prior to diagnosis, those with hearing loss may be a little embarrassed to admit that they are hard of hearing, could be in denial of their loss, or not want to even accept it all. And just like the six stages of grieving, an individual must also go through the six stages of hearing loss. These six stages are: denial, anger, awareness, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. A person must, in a sense, go through all six stages before they [...]

Hearing Loss Can be Exhausting

Do you ever feel drained after a day, even though you have not been participating in any physically challenging activity? Do you find yourself exhausted simply after having conversations with your friends and coworkers? Do you need to strain in order to catch parts of the conversation? Hearing loss could be at the root of all your problems. Imagine trying to read a sentence when parts of the sentence are missing: “j s  l ke t is!” In case you were wondering what you just missed out on, it reads “just like this!” Simply trying to figure out what the [...]