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Get Free Hearing Screening During National Men’s Health Week

The Better Hearing Institute is urging men to get their hearing tested during National Men’s Health Week, which runs from June 10 – June 16. Hearing professionals urge adults age 65 plus to get an annual hearing evaluation. Because hearing loss happens gradually and over time, your hearing can change from year to year. Often people with hearing loss may not even realize the extent of the problem. It is common for a person's loved ones to notice an issue first. Several studies have shown that hearing aids help those with a hearing loss lead more active lifestyles and have [...]

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Ruin The Holidays

The holiday season can be a nightmare for someone with a hearing loss. Dinners, visits with grandchildren and crowded family gatherings can all be experiences that cause someone with hearing loss to act like Scrooge. That’s because these situations can  be very difficult for someone with a hearing loss. Situations with a lot of background noise like holiday music and multiple conversations occurring in the same room can make it nearly impossible to hear. It’s also hard for someone with a hearing loss to understand the voices of children and women. Here are a few other signs you might have [...]

ReSound Introduces New Budget Hearing Aids

ReSound, a technology leader in hearing aid solutions, has launched ReSound Vea, a brand new line of hearing aids for budget conscious consumers. ReSound Vea delivers superior sound quality and speech understanding in noise. The advanced features of Vea are based on ReSound's latest technology, enabled by its Range chip. Warp processing and Dual Stabilizer II DFS deliver superior sound quality, while adaptive directionality, wind noise reduction and Noise Tracker II improve the patient’s hearing in noise. "Compared to competing products, ReSound Vea has a huge advantage in the areas of adaptive directionality and reduction of both wind noise and [...]

Order Hearing Aid Batteries From Our Website

Hearing Aid Express has an online battery store to make ordering hearing aid batteries easier. Order fresh, mercury-free hearing aid batteries at www.hearingaidexpress.com/buy-batteries/ A full carton of 40 batteries is only $22 with no additional charge for shipping! Batteries shipped to Texas residents only.

Myth Busther: Hearing Loss Isn’t Measured In Percentages

There are more myths surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids than most professionals can even keep track of. If you aren't careful where you get your information, you could end up confused or even causing more damage to your hearing. That's why it's important to find a hearing professional you trust. In the meantime, here is one common hearing loss myth we want to set the record straight about. Myth: It’s accurate to describe your hearing loss in a percentage. Maybe you have heard a friend say something like this: "My doctor told me I have a 30% hearing loss in my [...]

Recognize Common Signs Of Hearing Loss

It seems like your significant other or close friend just isn’t behaving normally. They are withdrawing. They don’t seem to be interested in conversation. They just don’t seem to want to take part in activities that used to interest them.  They often don’t respond appropriately to questions or while engaging in conversation.  For awhile you have suspected they have a hearing loss, but you just aren’t sure what to do. It isn’t abnormal for someone with a hearing loss to isolate themselves.  The best way to show you care is to accompany them to a professional hearing consultation, where a [...]

Hearing Aids 101

Modern digital hearing aids don’t just make everything louder. If you are considering getting a hearing aid, understanding how they work may help you a great deal. There are many myths about hearing aids, including that they make all sounds louder. This simply isn’t the case with modern, digital hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are programmed specifically to amplify the sounds that you need to be louder. Digital hearing aids pick up sounds with a microphone that are then amplified and sent to a receiver that sends the signal into your ear. The technology inside digital hearing aids is able [...]

Don’t Miss Out On Holiday Sounds

The holidays can be stressful. There’s lots of hustle and bustle this time of year to make sure everything’s perfect for the season. Shoppers are hurrying to make sure every detail is considered. One detail you don’t want to overlook is your hearing. There’s plenty to be heard this time of year – carols, greetings from friends and family and giggles from happy children. For those experiencing hearing loss, the season can be incredibly frustrating. If you suspect you have a hearing loss, don’t keep putting off doing something about it. The longer you are missing important sounds in your life.  [...]

Panasonic Releases Unique New Hearing Aid

Do you have a hearing loss, but aren’t ready to wear hearing aids all the time to improve your hearing in both ears? Panasonic has released a new product that may be just right for you.  Panasonic’s JZ is a new type of hearing aid that is stylish, comfortable and easy to use. Designed to look like a small music player, it allows you to hear better from both ears using only one device. It’s like getting two hearing aids for the price of one. Panasonic’s JZ will help you hear the sounds from your everyday life, including your friends [...]

Even Celebrities Lose Their Hearing

United States presidents, famous actors and actresses, Miss America and athletes have all suffered from hearing loss. It isn’t a condition that many of us plan for. In many instances it happens gradually and over time. You may wake up one day and realize that your hearing just isn’t as good as it used to be. It happens to millions of Americans, more than 35 million to be exact. That number happens to include, former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan; actors Sally Fields, Burt Reynolds and Robin Wright. It is also a condition that has impacted the lives of [...]