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Hearing Aids and Hobbies

Wearing hearing devices all the time can lead to a feeling of restriction. With new technology and expert fitting, you don't have to stop going about your normal life. Hearing loss can be isolating but wearing hearing aids helps make up for it by helping you hear more clearly. When you go for a walk outside, you can't hear the birds and animals because they are too far away. But if you have hearing aids, then you will be able to hear the birds and animals. You might not be able to see them, but when you use your camera [...]

Wearing Hearing Devices Properly

Getting new hearing instruments can require you to be a bit patient so that you can grow accustomed to your new hearing world.  Over time, hearing loss eliminates several sounds which suddenly reappear as a result of wearing hearing aids, thus these sounds can take some time to get used to.  It is common to feel a sense of exasperation over the initial period, but over time you can work with your audiologist to help you adjust your hearing device settings and help you regain your optimal sense of hearing.  Here are some recommendations that can help you adjust to [...]

Siri on the ReSound Linx Quattro smart hearing aid a first for AI voice control

Next stop: integrating with Google Assistant. "Hey Siri, stream iTunes through my hearing aid." That's just one of many things you can do with the ReSound Linx Quattro, the first smart hearing aid to use AI to pair with Apple's Siri assistant. Smart hearing aids are part of a burgeoning field of gadgets set to transform the health care industry. For the Linx Quattro, that means drawing people with hearing impairment further into their digital world. The Linx Quattro uses AI to learn your preferences and settings over time, and to proactively make adjustments to various sound profiles. You'll be [...]

When Your Hearing Aids Need Professional Cleaning

Cleaning your hearing aids is an important part of taking care of your hearing investment and helps keep them in good working order for much longer! Hearing aids make our lives so much smoother by providing us with a more organic hearing experience.  However, daily wear and tear, sweat and dirt take its toll on these delicate devices, which is why they need to be cleaned properly and regularly. Daily maintenance can easily be done at home, but for deep cleaning, it is best to rely on the professionals Like any other electronic device, hearing aids also function at their [...]

Impairments, Bullies & Vanity: Adults could learn from a child’s courage

In recent years, there has been a spotlight on bullies in our schools. But, bullies aren't a new phenomenon. It’s highlighted now because of social media, extreme news coverage and the internet. Bullying affects our culture and breeds self-preservation, a need to “fit in” to avoid becoming the victim. What if you don’t have a choice? What if the reason you are bullied is because of those glasses, braces, wheelchair or hearing aids? MY STORY: I was diagnosed with hearing loss at age 5, due to ear damage that happened as an infant. It’s a degenerative loss, meaning that I [...]

Hearing Devices 101: Your guide to hearing aids, PSAPs and cochlear implants

America has a hearing problem. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 28 million people (or 16 percent of all Americans) suffer from some form of hearing loss. Yet despite the debilitating nature of this problem, best estimates indicate that only 30 percent of those who need hearing devices (Hearing Aids, PSAPs and Cochlear implants included) actually use them. Why are there so few hearing aid users in the U.S.? You might think cost presents the biggest obstacle, but one 2017 study found that isn’t the case. As it turns out, issues like denial, diminished capacity and — most prominently [...]

LiNX 3D Hearing Aid Adjustments from Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Adjusting hearing aid settings to your hearing loss is one of the most important things a dispenser can do for you! I’ve been wearing the ReSound LiNX 3Ds for 7 months now. The hearing specialist started by using the same settings that I was using on my previous instruments. Immediately, I was like a kid in a candy store! Before further adjustments, speech was more clear, I could hear from farther away and I relied less on lip-reading. I responded well to sounds that seemed to appear out of thin air! I played with the "Noise and Speech Clarity" filters [...]

4 Tips for Hearing Aid Care This Summer at the Beach

Summertime is full of vacations and travel plans. If you’re planning a trip to the warmer climates where the sun is high, the water is blue and the sand is everywhere, then these tips are for you! 1. Sand - Make sure you wash your hands before handling your hearing aids. If you choose not to wear them while you are playing in the sand with your grandkids, invest in a waterproof bag or box and keep it in a safe and secure place. You don’t want your hearing aids to get sand or water in the tiny mechanical [...]

I Beta-Tested LiNX 3D for 2 months

A 36-Year Hearing Aid Veteran tries LiNX 3D™ technology and it changed Her Life. By Katie Britt If I couldn’t hear it, I didn’t miss it. That was my philosophy. Usually, when I would wake up in the mornings and put on my old high-powered BTE hearing aids (a set of ReSound LiNX2 9’s- that were formerly the best hearing aids I had ever used), I was oblivious to things outside my immediate area. I didn’t need to hear the cat meowing at me from another room, or the dogs barking at the trash pickup, or the music playing [...]

Hearing Aids And iPhone Integration: Why Would I Want That?

As many of you are aware, many of the newest hearing instruments are now "Made For Iphone". Something that I always hear from consumers when they are introduced is, "Why would I want that?". One of the first things I hear from them is, "I don't use an iPhone." Well, increasingly... This objection is solving itself. Non "smart" cell phones are quickly becoming obsolete due to the advancement of technology. The fact is, more than half of senior citizens and baby-boomers are now using smart phones, and the iPhone is the most popular device among them. Now, I'm not [...]