Why a Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist is so important to us

You’ll thank me later. You’ve just made a huge purchase on a brand-new, big-screen TV with all the bells and whistles and now that you’ve got it installed and tuned to your favorite channel you’re ready head back to the electronics store and thank them for your purchase….err…wait. You don’t get back in your

Made For iPhone Hearing Aids And The Role Of Your Audiologist

With the introduction of "Made for iPhone" hearing aids, it is becoming clear that convenience in hearing aid technology is growing with each new device released. With Starkey Halo hearing aids, the user can stream phone calls, music, apps and more directly to their hearing aid while also more accurately adjust setting to fit their

Texas Hearing Professionals Help Hundreds Of Children Hear

More than 100 children in and around Chapala, Mexico can hear more clearly, many for the first time in their lives, after a team of Texas hearing professionals fit them with hearing aids. The team, including professionals from Hearing Aid Express, joined  Hearing Aid for Latin America ( during a Nov. 18 – Nov. 20

Hearing Aid Express Employees Help Hundreds Of Children Hear Better In Time For Holidays

Hearing Aid Express employees joined several other hearing health professionals across Texas on a mission to help underprivileged children in Mexico hear, many for the first time. The hearing professionals joined together with Hearing Aid for Latin America, a nonprofit organization that provides diagnostic testing, audiology equipment training, hearing instruments and batteries