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How to have a successful hearing aid fitting…part 2

  | By Erika Porter, Audiologist Part II. The Patient In an earlier post, we started discussing factors for hearing aid success, viewing it as a three-legged stool. We initially addressed the role of the hearing professional. Later, we’ll discuss the hearing aids themselves. Today’s post is all about YOU! We can all admit that we wouldn’t be here without you. Something, or someone, has motivated you to come in for a hearing test. Hopefully, that person is YOU, because your commitment to the process of better hearing is critical to your success.  And "process" is the right word. Getting [...]

Audiologist tells how to be successful with hearing aids…The First Leg

  A great relationship with your Audiologist or Licensed Dispenser is the first step to better hearing. | By Dr. Erika Porter, Audiologist As an audiologist, I take great joy in seeing the difference that better hearing can make in the lives of my clients. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping those who may have prior negative experiences become successful with their aids. As I reflect on why some people do great with amplification, exceeding all expectation, while others seem to continually struggle I’ve come to view success with hearing aids as a three-legged stool. For [...]

LiNX 3D Hearing Aid Adjustments from Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Adjusting hearing aid settings to your hearing loss is one of the most important things a dispenser can do for you! I’ve been wearing the ReSound LiNX 3Ds for 7 months now. The hearing specialist started by using the same settings that I was using on my previous instruments. Immediately, I was like a kid in a candy store! Before further adjustments, speech was more clear, I could hear from farther away and I relied less on lip-reading. I responded well to sounds that seemed to appear out of thin air! I played with the "Noise and Speech Clarity" filters [...]

Get Free Hearing Screening During National Men’s Health Week

The Better Hearing Institute is urging men to get their hearing tested during National Men’s Health Week, which runs from June 10 – June 16. Hearing professionals urge adults age 65 plus to get an annual hearing evaluation. Because hearing loss happens gradually and over time, your hearing can change from year to year. Often people with hearing loss may not even realize the extent of the problem. It is common for a person's loved ones to notice an issue first. Several studies have shown that hearing aids help those with a hearing loss lead more active lifestyles and have [...]

Hearing Aids 101

Modern digital hearing aids don’t just make everything louder. If you are considering getting a hearing aid, understanding how they work may help you a great deal. There are many myths about hearing aids, including that they make all sounds louder. This simply isn’t the case with modern, digital hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are programmed specifically to amplify the sounds that you need to be louder. Digital hearing aids pick up sounds with a microphone that are then amplified and sent to a receiver that sends the signal into your ear. The technology inside digital hearing aids is able [...]

TSA Offers Advice For Flyers With Hearing Aids

The check list of things to do when flying seems to be constantly changing. Travelers are often warned about what they can or can’t bring in their checked luggage. Most travelers also know you may pass through an X-ray, metal detector or be manually checked by airport security officials. The process, at times, seems daunting, especially if you have trouble hearing. The Transportation Security Administration travel guidelines assure travelers that bringing your hearing aids shouldn’t be a problem. Here is the most up-to-date information regarding hearing aids from TSA. You can find more information at, It is not necessary [...]

Panasonic Releases Unique New Hearing Aid

Do you have a hearing loss, but aren’t ready to wear hearing aids all the time to improve your hearing in both ears? Panasonic has released a new product that may be just right for you.  Panasonic’s JZ is a new type of hearing aid that is stylish, comfortable and easy to use. Designed to look like a small music player, it allows you to hear better from both ears using only one device. It’s like getting two hearing aids for the price of one. Panasonic’s JZ will help you hear the sounds from your everyday life, including your friends [...]

Even Celebrities Lose Their Hearing

United States presidents, famous actors and actresses, Miss America and athletes have all suffered from hearing loss. It isn’t a condition that many of us plan for. In many instances it happens gradually and over time. You may wake up one day and realize that your hearing just isn’t as good as it used to be. It happens to millions of Americans, more than 35 million to be exact. That number happens to include, former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan; actors Sally Fields, Burt Reynolds and Robin Wright. It is also a condition that has impacted the lives of [...]

Hearing Aids Vs. Personal Sound Ampflication Products

Remember the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” The thought may have crossed your mind when a late night television ad appears for a hearing device that costs only $19.95 plus shipping. These devices are known as Personal Sound Amplification Products. They are not hearing aids. PSAPs amplify everything including noise. Hearing aids are able to be programmed and adjusted for your unique hearing loss so that they can focus on the sounds that you are not hearing. Over-the-counter and some mail-order hearing devices can actually cause more hearing damage because they amplify [...]

Adjusting to a Hearing Aid

Adjusting to a hearing aid, for many people, may be an uncomfortable process. Louder sounds take some getting used to, but eventually adjusting to a hearing aid will be a thing of the past for you as you enjoy louder hearing. Tips for Adjusting to a Hearing Aid Recently the Minnesota Department of Human Services released some tips for adjusting to a hearing aid. They suggest that you start out by wearing your hearing aid just at home, taking note of the sounds you can now hear because of the new hearing aid. Next, they suggest gradually adding more sound [...]