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Talking to Someone with Hearing Loss

Communicating with someone who has hearing loss can be hard. When you are not happy, they will feel it. You might not notice that they have a hearing problem, but sometimes people might miss hearing high-pitched voices or low noises. They can use a hearing aid to fix this problem, but it is never perfect so you should learn some techniques for when you talk to people who have a hearing loss.   When you talk to someone who is hearing impaired, you need to get their attention. This can be hard because they might not know the conversation is [...]

Hearing Aid for Latin America team journeyed to make a difference, again

Dusty Potter, President of Hearing Aid Express, took a team of 4 to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in February with the help of GN ReSound and Spectrum Brands to provide profoundly hearing impaired students at the Centro Cristiano de Educacion Para Sordos school with much needed hearing aids. The team for this trip was Dusty Potter, Owner and BC-HIS (Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist), Cristen Plummer, Audiologist, Austin, and Kory Rogers, Amplification Specialist, San Angelo. There are many hearing impaired children in Latin America and we were blessed to be a part of this mission trip to help as [...]

Why Loud Sounds Damage Your Ears

(Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 101) As a licensed hearing aid fitter and dispenser, I see people dealing with the profound effects hearing loss has had on their relationships and quality of life daily. Despite this, as a musician, I understand that players need enough volume to feel the music and, more importantly, hear themselves over all of the other players. In a band setting, this typically means a cyclical scenario of everyone turning their state monitors up louder than necessary to hear clearly over the other players too-loud monitors. In a orchestral or acoustic setting, this can mean an instrumentalist playing more [...]

Styles of Hearing Aids: A Quick and Easy Guide [VIDEO]

You've no doubt noticed that modern hearing aids come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. In the attached video I present a 5 minute overview of the high points and low points of each style. Here's a recap! Behind the Ear "BTE" Just as the title would suggest, a BTE hearing aid sits behind the ear. It carries sound through a rubber tube into a custom made ear mold. This has historically been a favorite for users with many frequencies in the severe-to-profound range of hearing. PRO: Very high powered. Great for more severe loss. PRO: Fairly [...]

Untreated hearing loss affects brain structure and function

Recent studies shed light on the importance of timely treatment of hearing loss and it's relation to your brain. Most people believe that hearing loss is a condition that only affects their ears. In reality, untreated hearing loss can affect so much more, including brain structure and function. According to a 2013 John Hopkins University study, hearing loss may increase the risk of cognitive problems and dementia. A 2011 dementia study monitored the cognitive health of 639 people who were mentally sharp when the study began. The researchers tested the volunteers’ mental abilities regularly, following most for about 12 years, [...]

How To Change A Wax Filter In A Custom Hearing Aid

Video Transcription Hi, today we are going to show you how to change a wax filter in a custom hearing aid. There are different configurations of custom hearing aids. Today we are going to do an ITE. Now with the ITE, there is the portion that sticks out of your ear which is the face plate with your program button and your volume control. The portion that goes inside of your ear with the white filter and the vent is what we are going to be focusing on today. Whenever your hearing aid is not working, first you are going [...]

How To Change A RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) Hearing Aid Battery

Dr. Lacey C. Brooks, Audiologist at Hearing Aid Express is showing how to properly change a RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aid battery. For more information, visit hearingaidexpress.com Full Video Transcription: Hi. Today we are going to be showing you how to change batteries. I have for you a Receiver-In-The-Ear or Receiver-In-The-Canal hearing instrument and we are going to change the battery in this particular instrument today. Now, there’s various different types of hearing aids and the way that you change the battery will vary depending on what style but for today we are going to do the Receiver in the Canal. [...]

ReSound ENZO™ – Bringing Smart Hearing Technology For Severe And Profound Hearing Loss For The First Time

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.--(Business Wire)-- ReSound, a technology leader in hearing aid solutions, announced that the company has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Accessible Technologies category by CES – the International Consumer Electronics Show – for ReSound ENZO™. ReSound ENZO is the first super-power hearing aid on the market to bring Made for iPhone technology to people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. To support the processing performed by the brain, ReSound ENZO hearing aids continuously exchange data about the user’s surrounding sound environment to optimize the hearing aid’s settings. This is made possible by the most advanced version [...]

Made For iPhone Hearing Aids And The Role Of Your Audiologist

With the introduction of "Made for iPhone" hearing aids, it is becoming clear that convenience in hearing aid technology is growing with each new device released. With Starkey Halo hearing aids, the user can stream phone calls, music, apps and more directly to their hearing aid while also more accurately adjust setting to fit their specific hearing needs. Despite all the new control the Starkey Halo and hearing aids like it allot the user, consumers may still be hesitant to adopt the use of such devices. A recent article from Forbes outlines the current hearing loss landscape of the United States as well as identifies [...]

10 Reasons to Try ReSound LiNX

Since ReSound released their most advanced hearing aid to date, the ReSound LiNX, the main focus has been its Made for iPhone (MFi) compatibility. No doubt, this aspect of the LiNX is useful and awesome for individuals who have a smartphone, but we here at Hearing Aid Express also feel it takes attention away from the other wonderful features this aid possesses. The LiNX is a state of the art device - whether you have a smartphone or not - and we aim to highlight a few features we believe anyone with a hearing loss can benefit from. Sound Quality – When looking for a [...]