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Hearing Aids Info from the FDA

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website has valuable information about hearing loss and hearing aids? It's certainly a handy resource that should not be missed. A great place to learn about hearing aids, the website even features a checklist for buying hearing aids. Hearing Aids Checklist The hearing aids checklist begins with a very useful recommendation: Before buying hearing aids, get a medical exam from a licensed physician. We agree — and we encourage you to have your hearing tested. Here are a few more recommendations included in the checklist: Consider seeing an audiologist, who [...]

The Resound Hearing Aid of Your Dreams?

Resound Aims at the Hearing Aid Sweet Spot Resound hearing aids are known for making hearing devices that fit your life instead of forcing you to change your life to accomodate your hearing aid. Resound hearing aids are compact, sophisticated pieces of advanced technology. These aren't your grandpa's hearing aids. Like most modern hearing aids, Resound hearing aids are targeted at the baby boomer generation, a massive demographic force that's revolutionizing everything from walking sticks to the food they serve on cruise ships. The X-plore: Resound's Newest Hearing Aid Innovation It looks like Resound's hit that elusive hearing aid sweet [...]

Hearing Aid Repairs – Wax or Water?

Everyone who has a hearing aid is going to need it to be repaired at some point.  Some repairs are because a component (such as a microphone or receiver) has failed.  The vast majority of repairs aren't due to a component failing.  The hearing aid isn't working properly because of wax or moisture. What's the deal with Wax? Ear canals produce wax.  It's part of their job.  Wax helps keep the ear canal lubricated.  Some people's ear canals produce more wax than others.  It's typically not a problem - unless it collects on the end of your hearing aid (or [...]

Beltone Hearing Aids – Are They Any Good?

First let's look at who Beltone actually is. Beltone is one division (out of 4 divisions) of the GN ReSound Group.  Information on all four groups can be found here: GN stands for Great Nordic, which is based in Denmark, and is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.  They are the parent company of the GN ReSound Group which includes ReSound and Beltone. Where Does Beltone fit in this Group? Beltone is part of a network of dealers around the country.  The stores are typically owned by a Beltone dealer who has the rights to [...]