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Hearing Damage in Movie Theaters

A friend forwarded us the article "10 Things Movie Theaters Won't Tell You." The list contains some interesting information — theaters prefer that you don't come to a movie on opening night, and concessions usually account for about 25 percent of a theater's revenue, for example. But what's most applicable to our Hearing Aid Blog came in at number nine on the list: "Going to the movies could be hazardous to your hearing." The article states that decibel levels are different at every movie theater, but the loud special effects of some action films can be as dangerous to your [...]

Open-Fit Technology Hearing Aids

Open-fit technology hearing aids are a very appealing choice for many thanks to their discreet appearance. These hearing aids sit behind the ear, and there is usually a clear tube that runs over the curve of the ear to deliver sound to the ear canal. Their design makes it so the hearing aid provides top sound quality and does not block the ear canal. ReSound Open-Fit Technology Hearing Aids Released in 2003, the ReSound Air was the world's first open-fit hearing aid and wound up winning several awards because of its design and technical innovation. This unit is best for [...]

All About Hearing Aid Styles

There are several different kinds of hearing aid styles, which is great news for people suffering from hearing loss who are concerned about how their hearing aids will look. For people who fear that their hearing aids will be noticeable to others, there are hearing aid styles that make the instrument nearly invisible. Advancements in technology and innovative manufacturers are to thank for the many hearing aid styles available today. Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids The Dot by ReSound is an example of a behind-the-ear hearing aid. This hearing aid style is appropriately named: It sits behind the ear, making many [...]

Spotlight on the Dot by ReSound

We're proud to offer the Dot by ReSound, a behind-the-ear hearing aid. On their website, ReSound describes this unit as "the smallest, most discreet behind-the-ear hearing aid available." A well-known and highly regarded name in the industry, ReSound manufactures innovative hearing aids. For those with hearing loss or tinnitus, these units are worth considering. Features of the Dot by ReSound Fully automatic, the Dot by ReSound doesn't need to be adjusted manually. And with 100 hours of battery life, these hearing aids last a while before needing new batteries. Its appearance is appealing to many, as it's very discreet. The [...]

New Year, New Hearing Aids

It's not uncommon for people to make New Year's resolutions, and the resolutions typically are about improving a person's life and well-being. If you suffer from hearing loss, make it your resolution to do something about it: Get hearing aids to start hearing sounds more loudly and clearly. Here are some things that hearing aids do: Enable you to participate more fully in activities and conversations Help you hear certain pitches, like high-pitched consonant sounds (s, t, f and sh), better Make sound louder Make speech easier to understand in most situations By contrast, hearing aids do not restore normal [...]

Hearing Aids for the Holidays

This holiday season, give the gift of hearing. Hearing aids can drastically improve a person's quality of life by allowing them to hear sounds more clearly and loudly. The holidays are all about spending time with your family and loved ones, and not being able to participate in conversations or hear what's going on can really result in you missing out on some wonderful moments. If you're unsure whether you are experiencing some degree of hearing loss, we offer a brief questionnaire that will help you decide. Answer yes or no to the following questions: Does it seem like people [...]

Holiday Special: Huge Savings on Hearing Aids

We just can't believe that it's already the end of the year, but that means huge year-end savings on hearing aids. Our holiday special is here: Save  $600 on a set of Dot 30 hearing aids when you print out our coupon and bring it to any Hearing Aid Express location. The offer is valid until December 31, 2009. It is not valid with any other offer and is not eligible for financing. The holidays are a time when families spend time together. Make sure your hearing loss does not keep you from getting the most out of this very [...]

Lyric Hearing Aid Awarded “Best of What’s New”

Out of thousands of entrants, Popular Science magazine named the Lyric hearing aid "Best of What's New" 2009. This recognition is quite impressive, as the magazine's editors choose just the top 100 tech innovations of the year — and those that make the cut are breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. Winners, including the Lyric hearing aid, will be featured in the December issue of Popular Science, the most read issue of the year for over 20 years. Some other "Best of What's New" categories include: Recreation, Security, Home Entertainment, Green Technology and Automotive. [...]

Tinnitus? Hearing Aids May Help

Tinnitus is often described as ringing in the ears — the sound is also sometimes compared to crickets chirping, locusts, roaring, ticking or beeping — and it affects about 50 million people in the United States. The cause can be hearing loss, allergies, ear wax or ear infections, but whatever the cause, one thing is for sure: tinnitus is debilitating for those who experience it. The good news is that hearing aids may help. A recent Your Health feature in USA Today answers a question from a reader who suffers from tinnitus. "Is there a hearing aid that can filter [...]

Child’s Hearing Aids Stolen, One Returned

Last week, an Edmonton, Canada child's hearing aids were stolen during a robbery at her home — the burglar also stole the family's Xbox and game accessories while they were out to dinner. The hearing aids, worth $22,000, were in the child's backpack, which the burglar used to carry off the Xbox and games. The support the family has seen from friends is truly wonderful. The News reported that the mother's co-worker brought to work on Friday an Xbox and games for her son, and a friend of the family's held a fundraiser. Thankfully, though, one of the hearing [...]