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Wearing Hearing Devices Properly

Getting new hearing instruments can require you to be a bit patient so that you can grow accustomed to your new hearing world.  Over time, hearing loss eliminates several sounds which suddenly reappear as a result of wearing hearing aids, thus these sounds can take some time to get used to.  It is common to feel a sense of exasperation over the initial period, but over time you can work with your audiologist to help you adjust your hearing device settings and help you regain your optimal sense of hearing.  Here are some recommendations that can help you adjust to [...]

Sleeping with Tinnitus

You have been tossing and turning for the past hour, but that annoying buzzing in your ears refuses to stop! This is a normal night for those dealing with tinnitus.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep despite having tinnitus. Tinnitus can disrupt your day’s routine due to the constant buzzing or ringing sound within the ears.  It may distract you from your work or the task at hand, and may rob you of sleep at night.  A few simple measures can help you get some sleep while dealing effectively with [...]

The Maestro with Hearing Damage

We listen to his musical melodies to this day.  He was a genius when it came to music.  He composed beautiful pieces of music that have survived over generations.  Most importantly, he was deaf! Yes, we are talking about none other than Ludwig von Beethoven. Beethoven was a brilliant musician as well as a talented composer who was born in the month of December in the year 1770.  Even though he was very successful as a musician, he began to suffer from hearing damage that began in his 20’s.  Unfortunately, his hearing damage progressed to deafness due to his own [...]

The Audiologists of Hearing Aid Express

In Texas, there are three groups of people who are legally allowed to dispense hearing aids: Audiologists, Licensed Dispensers and Medical Doctors. While all Licensed Dispensers (including Board Certified Dispensers) fit hearing aids, not all Audiologists do. Some of them practice audiology in other ways, such as aural rehabilitation, balance treatments or screening newborn children. Audiologists and Doctors of Audiology have to be licensed in Texas to dispense hearing aids. In addition to their schooling they also take continuing education classes to help keep their skills fresh. Audiology has traditionally been a Master’s Degree program. In the past few years [...]

Waterproof Hearing Aids

Are there waterproof hearing aids? Hearing aids have to have some sort of opening for the microphone so that sound waves can get inside.  Once inside, the computer chip in the hearing aid processes the signal (adjusting for noise, different frequencies and so on) and delivers the modified sounds to your eardrum. Because there must be an opening for sound waves to get in to the aid there are no hearing aids that are completely waterproof (meaning you can’t store them in a bowl of water!).  There are some new hearing aids that are surprisingly water-resistant. What’s the problem with [...]

Focus on Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids are among the industry leaders in assistive hearing loss technology.  We proudly offer a wide variety of products from this manufacturer, which is among one of the fastest-growing hearing aids manufacturers in the world. Unitron Moxi & Unitron Moda II The Unitron Moxi has a unique, innovative design consisting of two parts.  A tiny receiver is placed in the ear canal, which is connected to a case which hides behind the ear.  This design allows the Moxi to provide excellent hearing enhancement at an affordable price.  The Unitron Moda II has a similar design, and both products [...]

Siemens Acuris Life Hearing Aids

Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids are made by the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the United States and are part of a proud tradition of quality and innovation. With 125 years of experience in working with hearing aids and  hearing assistance, Siemens is a highly respected manufacturer that puts out impressive products, including Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids. One of the many things that makes Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids so appealing is that they are virtually invisible when worn. Plus, they're comfortable, unobtrusive, and are designed for maximum value and performance by Siemens engineers. Wearers of Siemens Acuris Life [...]

All About the Starkey Destiny Hearing Aid

Thinking about buying a Starkey Destiny hearing aid or two? These hearing aids have an excellent reputation for quality and innovation. They are BTE hearing aids, or behind-the-ear hearing aids, and several styles are available in the Destiny series. Built with BluWave Signal Processing, the Starkey Destiny  hearing aid adapts to your ever-changing environment, a factor that is certainly important for hearing aid wearers. When you meet with a hearing professional, they will be able to determine the best Starkey Destiny hearing aid model for you, as there are several different kinds. Here are the key features of the Starkey [...]

March Hearing Aid Coupons

It's a new month, and that means new hearing aid coupons from Hearing Aid Express. We're proud to make hearing aids more affordable, and we hope you'll be able to take advantage of these coupons — they can really save you money. Hearing Aid Coupons This month, you'll find a coupon for $600 off a set of ReSound Dot 30 hearing aids. This coupon is not valid with any other offer and is not eligible for financing. It expires on March 31, 2010. Our other coupon is for a limited time offer on Starkey E-3 hearing aids. They start at [...]

Visit Our Cedar Park Hearing Aids Store

We're proud to announce a convenient store for Cedar Park hearing aids shoppers: Hearing Aid Express has a location on S. Bell Blvd., just west of the 183A toll road and south of FM 1431. Starkey, ReSound, Unitron and Sonic Innovations are some of the big-name hearing aid brands you'll find as part of our impressive selection. Hearing loss is the second-most common issue for older adults, right behind arthritis. While just 10 percent of hearing losses are helped by surgery or other medical treatment, 90 percent of hearing losses can be treated with the use of hearing aids. Twenty-eight [...]