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About Dusty Potter

Hi, my name is Dusty Potter and I’m a second generation Hearing Instrument Specialist. I spent my youth around hearing aids and hearing tests — apprenticing with my mother, and so it was only natural that I chose to follow a career path that’s focused on helping people regain their hearing, improving their ability to listen and to communicate, and to reconnect with their families, friends and work colleagues.

Be An Advocate for Hearing Loss

When you first start to experience a hearing loss, it’s easy to see it as something that can only affect your life in a negative way. Yet, as with many changes in life, there is often a way to adjust your perspective, embrace the transition, and enjoy the challenge. All you need is the right attitude, information, and support. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is easy or instant. It takes a commitment to development and a clear strategy. One way to integrate and accept your hearing loss as part of you, is to become an advocate for hearing [...]

Why Early Detection of Hearing Loss Is So Important For Older Adults

Are you already looking forward to the annual State Fair this fall? Or maybe this year is your ten-yearly high school reunion? There are lots of great events that mark the years going by. But did you know that there is something else you should be doing at least every three years to make sure you can enjoy all of them? The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association suggests everyone over 50 gets a hearing health check every three years. If you’ve already noticed the signs of hearing loss, then you may need to get checked more often. So why is it so important [...]

Love Finds a Way – Dating, Relationships, And Hearing Loss

There is no challenge so big that it should stop you from finding love. Making connections and finding the people you want to share your life with are essential for creating a beautiful experience. Hearing loss can be tough to deal with and you may need to adapt some of the ways that you communicate, but the results are worth it. The support you need to find that special someone, or maintain the relationship you have, might involve following some of the advice below and seeking professional advice from a reputable source such as Hearing Aid Express. Ongoing relationships You may have [...]

Siri on the ReSound Linx Quattro smart hearing aid a first for AI voice control

Next stop: integrating with Google Assistant. "Hey Siri, stream iTunes through my hearing aid." That's just one of many things you can do with the ReSound Linx Quattro, the first smart hearing aid to use AI to pair with Apple's Siri assistant. Smart hearing aids are part of a burgeoning field of gadgets set to transform the health care industry. For the Linx Quattro, that means drawing people with hearing impairment further into their digital world. The Linx Quattro uses AI to learn your preferences and settings over time, and to proactively make adjustments to various sound profiles. You'll be [...]

Study Finds Magnitude of Age-related Hearing Loss Associated with Increased Depression Risk

A new study found that elderly individuals with age-related hearing loss had more symptoms of depression; the greater the hearing loss, the greater the risk of having depressive symptoms. The findings, announced by the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, are said to suggest that treatment of age-related hearing loss, which is under-recognized and under-treated among all elderly, could be one way to head off late-life depression. The study was published online in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. “Most people over age 70 have at least mild hearing loss, yet relatively few are diagnosed, much less treated, for this condition,” said lead author Justin [...]

Hearing Loss and the Holidays

What to look for in loved ones who may be hiding a hearing loss, how to talk to them about it. Prior to diagnosis, those with hearing loss may be a little embarrassed to admit that they are hard of hearing, could be in denial of their loss, or not want to even accept it all. And just like the six stages of grieving, an individual must also go through the six stages of hearing loss. These six stages are: denial, anger, awareness, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. A person must, in a sense, go through all six stages before they [...]

Hearing Loss Can be Exhausting

Do you ever feel drained after a day, even though you have not been participating in any physically challenging activity? Do you find yourself exhausted simply after having conversations with your friends and coworkers? Do you need to strain in order to catch parts of the conversation? Hearing loss could be at the root of all your problems. Imagine trying to read a sentence when parts of the sentence are missing: “j s  l ke t is!” In case you were wondering what you just missed out on, it reads “just like this!” Simply trying to figure out what the [...]

When Your Hearing Aids Need Professional Cleaning

Cleaning your hearing aids is an important part of taking care of your hearing investment and helps keep them in good working order for much longer! Hearing aids make our lives so much smoother by providing us with a more organic hearing experience.  However, daily wear and tear, sweat and dirt take its toll on these delicate devices, which is why they need to be cleaned properly and regularly. Daily maintenance can easily be done at home, but for deep cleaning, it is best to rely on the professionals Like any other electronic device, hearing aids also function at their [...]

Monitoring your Child’s Headphone Use

Hearing loss can occur to anyone at any point in their lifetime. In America, hearing loss affects around 34 million people.  Your children may be in equal danger of encountering noise-induced hearing loss as anyone else in your family.  In fact, recently there has been a sharp rise in the cases of childhood loss of hearing.  Parents often spend so much time worrying about their safety but they often overlook a major threat to their child’s auditory health: unsafe headphone use. It is often a common complaint of every parent: “are you listening to me?!” Most of the times, be [...]

Hearing Loss Has a Preventative Solution for all ages

It's not only the elderly suffering from hearing loss, anymore. Loud volumes are affecting the younger generation, too. The elderly population is generally who we think of when it comes to hearing loss, when in reality, a significant number of young adults also experience this. In America, one in every ten individuals spends time listening to personal audio devices at unsafe volumes. This can cause irreparable damage to their hearing. Young individuals love listening to their music at louder volumes. Ever wondered why? A recent research indicates that there are three primary reasons as to why people in the younger population [...]