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Talking to Someone with Hearing Loss

Communicating with someone who has hearing loss can be hard. When you are not happy, they will feel it. You might not notice that they have a hearing problem, but sometimes people might miss hearing high-pitched voices or low noises. They can use a hearing aid to fix this problem, but it is never perfect so you should learn some techniques for when you talk to people who have a hearing loss.


When you talk to someone who is hearing impaired, you need to get their attention. This can be hard because they might not know the conversation is about them. They will understand better if you say their name when talking to them. Make direct eye contact with them while talking and don’t shout because it only makes the person more frustrated and angry at you. Instead of shouting, try saying your words with a clear voice so that it will be easier for the person with hearing loss to understand if they read your lips.


When talking to someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, speak clearly and at a normal pace. Try not to exaggerate your lips too much because it can be hard to understand what you are saying if your lips are moving around a lot. When talking in a group, try not to talk more loudly or slowly than the other people in the group.


If you want to talk to someone who has hearing loss, make sure you finish your sentence. Otherwise, they might not understand what you are saying. If they do not understand something, use hand gestures and other words to tell them what you are saying. You can also come up with a signal for when the person is talking too loudly so that the person knows how loud they are speaking. Hearing impaired people often don’t know how loud their voice is because they cannot hear themselves well enough.


Some people who have hearing impairment may not be able to hear what you are saying. That can make it hard. Sometimes you can repeat yourself, but this might be frustrating for you too. It is important to be kind and patient when you are communicating with someone who has hearing loss, because they will need your help more than most people do.



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