When Your Hearing Aids Need Professional Cleaning

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When Your Hearing Aids Need Professional Cleaning

Cleaning your hearing aids is an important part of taking care of your hearing investment and helps keep them in good working order for much longer!

Hearing aids make our lives so much smoother by providing us with a more organic hearing experience.  However, daily wear and tear, sweat and dirt take its toll on these delicate devices, which is why they need to be cleaned properly and regularly.

Daily maintenance can easily be done at home, but for deep cleaning, it is best to rely on the professionals

Like any other electronic device, hearing aids also function at their best when they are properly maintained.  This means cleaning them daily to help remove the dirt, earwax and bodily oils and sweat that tend to accumulate within the receivers and the microphones.  In a hot and humid climate, it helps to keep the hearing aids nice and dry by dehumidifying them to help prevent moisture damage.

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The delicate inner circuitry of your hearing aids can easily become damaged due to rough use or improper maintenance methods. This is why it is important to get them cleaned professionally once in a while.

Depending on the model you use, your hearing aids may require professional cleanings anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

Talk to your licensed dispenser or audiologist about how often it is recommended to schedule professional cleaning sessions for your particular hearing aids.

You may wonder what the difference is between a professional cleaning session and the one you engage in at home.  Specialists that are trained to clean hearing aids use specialized equipment to help eliminate any trapped moisture, debris, or earwax from deep within the hearing aids.

Dirt and oil may sometimes become lodged in hard to reach places and may not be removed by regular cleaning methods.  Most of the cleaning sessions are very fast and can be completed during a visit to the office.

Professionals are always there to clean out your hearing aids for you, but this does not mean that you can stop cleaning them at home.

You should always have a daily cleaning routine to help maintain your hearing aids on a daily basis and prevent any damage due to a massive accumulation of dirt and earwax.

Remember to wipe your hearing aids at the end of each day with a soft and dry cloth.

If you wear ear molds, remove them and wash them with a warm and mild soapy solution.  Dry them thoroughly with a clean, dry towel before putting them back on.  Always use the cleaning kit you can get with your hearing aids.  Keep your hearing aids safe and dry by storing them with their battery doors open. We recommend using an airtight container, away from direct sunlight, hot surfaces, and away from the reach of children or pets.


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