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LiNX Quattro released from GNReSound

When it comes to hearing Layers of Sound™, having hours of rechargeable battery life, and a super-powered chip, the newly-released ReSound Quattro has you covered.

Sound Processing

ReSound has taken the popular LiNX 3D and redesigned the sound processing package. Now, it provides extra strength in the signal and use of the microphones. Sounds are passed to the amplifier without being altered.

You get richer sound quality due to higher input levels. That also means softer sounds are clearer and louder sounds are fuller without distortion.

New Chip

Quattro’s new chip is now 100% faster at processing, has 100% more memory, 35% increase in frequency bandwidth (allows you to hear more high AND low sounds without distortion), and the highest input dynamic range in the industry.

Remote Assist

Like the LiNX 3D, Remote Assist is available as a Fine-Tuning feature. It allows you to request changes/adjustments to your hearing aids through the app. No need to visit your hearing aid provider, taking valuable time away from your day, when you can request most changes through the app from wherever you are in the world!

Using Remote Assist to request adjustments to Quattro hearing aids.


The Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) rechargeable technology has been added to Quattro and offers 24 hours of use even when you’re streaming 50% of the time! It also comes with a portable charger that holds three (3) extra charges and offers a quick charge.


Quattro’s Portable Recharger – Up to 30 Hours of battery life

Shortly after ReSound announced the release of this state-of-the-art hearing device, another announcement came on its heels that is even better news for Android users. ReSound has partnered with Google! The expectation for this partnership is that it will soon allow the same direct streaming, that is present with an iPhone, in a future Android release!

This is great news for devout Android users that have missed this great feature from previous hearing aid releases. While it may not be immediately available with Quattro, a future update to Android devices makes these a great investment now!

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