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Hearing Aids Get Wet?

Did your hearing aids get wet?

Take the steps below to help ensure your hearing aid isn’t completely damaged.

Saving Hearing Aids When They Get Wet

Did your hearing aids get wet? This can be very stressful.  Over 48 million people in America use hearing aids to improve their hearing.  Some users are so comfortable wearing their hearing instruments that they sometimes forget to remove them prior to taking a shower or going swimming.  This can result in water getting into the hearing aids! This causes anxiety because of the potentially damaging effect of moisture on the delicate inner circuitry of hearing aids.

In case your hearing aids are wet, please do not panic.

A few simple steps can help save your hearing aids from a trip to your hearing aid store, audiologist or licensed dispenser.

  1. Remove your hearing aids from water as soon as you can.  The more water that gets lodged in your hearing aids, the worse your chances will be to save them.
  2. Turn them off and remove your hearing aid battery.  After removing the batteries, close the door that holds your batteries.  If your hearing aids have tubing, make sure you remove the tubing as well.
  3. Start drying your hearing aids with a clean and dry towel.
  4. Place your hearing aids in a well-ventilated area with sunlight in order to air-dry your hearing aids.  If you are unable to find a sunny, breezy spot, just get a bowl and fill it with plain, white rice that is uncooked.  Place your hearing aids deep into the rice and wait a few hours to enable the rice to absorb the excess moisture from the hearing aids.

As a last resort, if you find that your hearing aids are not working, take them to your audiologist or licensed dispenser.  If you have a current hearing aid warranty, you can send them to the manufacturer and get a replacement pair. At Hearing Aid Express, we will help you with this process as well as attempt to dry them out further in the office.

Hearing Aid Express carries dehumidifiers, for hearing devices, that you can purchase in each store. These are great for everyday maintenance and care.  Find your local Hearing Aid Express here.


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