6 Things a Hearing Loss affects in your life.

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6 Things a Hearing Loss affects in your life.

6 things you’re missing out on due to hearing loss

As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 15 percent of US adults have some degree of hearing loss. Sadly, according to the “Journal of American Medicine,” only 33 percent of those afflicted treat their condition with the use of the hearing aid. There is a group of people nearly the population of Texas goes through their days without the full use of one of their five senses. Consequently, these individuals have effectively opted out on some of life’s most pleasurable experiences.

Here are six things you may be missing out on by turning down the help offered by a hearing aid.

1. Television shows and music

If you’ve developed presbycusis or age-related hearing loss, you’re probably unable to follow the plot of any of your favorite TV shows or properly enjoy to your favorite albums. That’s because this condition, which afflicts 25 percent of Americans over the age of 55, prevents you from clearly hearing the upper frequencies that make the human voice intelligible.

As the result of age-related hearing loss, many older adults increase the volume of their TVs or stereos to a level where they can hear what’s being said. However, this solution can actually create additional problems. First, long-term exposure to loud noise can actually make your hearing worse. Secondly, you risk alienating yourself from your family members or — if your hearing loss is that severe — your neighbors.

A hearing aid can restore your favorite music and TV shows to high fidelity without harming your hearing or the hearing of those you love.

2. Phone calls

Not being able to hear the people that wish to speak to you on the telephone can be debilitating. Not only do you miss out on having conversations with friends and family who don’t live nearby but you also might find living your day-to-day life more difficult. You won’t be able to speak with doctors, pharmacists, employers, employees, landscapers and bankers easily or at all. As such, you run the risk of losing contact with those closest to you and not receiving incredibly important information.

In addition to improving your hearing, today’s advanced digital hearing aids also make it easier to converse over the phone. With new devices like the ReSound LiNX™, you can stream phone calls and music directly to your hearing aid over a wireless network and in stereo sound.

3. New movies

Let’s say you want to see the latest Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep movie. You head down to the theater, luck out by finding a good parking space and buy some ridiculously overpriced popcorn only to end up disappointed. As it turns out, you can hear the music and background noise fairly well, but you can’t make out the dialogue at all. Since you can’t turn up the volume as you would at home, you’re now in for two hours of confusion and frustration.

If you had a hearing aid, this probably wouldn’t be an issue. In addition to amplifying sound, modern hearing aids are equipped with computer chips that balance all the sounds they pick up from your immediate environment. That means you’d be able to hear what Tom and Meryl are saying as well as the movie’s great soundtrack with equal clarity.

4. The sounds of nature

Left untreated, hearing loss will slowly erode your ability to enjoy all the natural sounds you love. Over time, you won’t be able to appreciate birds chirping, rain falling or breezes blowing. It also means you won’t be able to enjoy the sound of your cat gently purring or your dog happily greeting you when you walk through the door.

Fortunately, this is an eventuality that can likely be avoided with a quality hearing aid.

5. Grandchildren

One of the greatest joys of growing older is being blessed with grandchildren. Listening to their stories and observations and sharing some of your own is a delight without compare. But when you can’t listen as well as you should, that wonderful experience is diminished.

Not being able to hear your grandchildren will put unnecessary strain on one of your most important relationships. Constantly asking youngsters to repeat themselves or giving up and letting them talk while you’re not able to understand them can turn what should be an enriching experience into a chore.

Certain cutting-edge hearing aids now allow you to hear 40 percent more speech than a standard hearing aid, sparing you this needless pain.

6. Confidence

The most important thing hearing loss takes away from you is your confidence. The inability to properly understand waiters, friends, co-workers, doctors or even your spouse can have a devastating effect on your belief in yourself.

Not being able to hear others can sink you into a world of anxiety and isolation. Because you’ll often be forced to ask others to repeat themselves, you might come to feel that they are quick to become impatient or even angry with you. This perception is so prevalent that the Mayo Clinic identifies depression as a common complication of age-related hearing loss. This major deterioration in your quality of life can be corrected with the purchase of a hearing aid.

If you notice the quality of your hearing has diminished recently, make an appointment at one of Hearing Aid Express’s 19 convenient locations across Texas. Their friendly and skilled hearing aid professionals can help you enjoy the full spectrum of a good life’s sound once again.

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