4 Tips for Hearing Aid Care This Summer at the Beach

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4 Tips for Hearing Aid Care This Summer at the Beach

4 Tips for Hearing Aid Care This Summer at the Beach

Summertime is full of vacations and travel plans. If you’re planning a trip to the warmer climates where the sun is high, the water is blue and the sand is everywhere, then these tips are for you!

1. Sand –
Make sure you wash your hands before handling your hearing aids. If you choose not to wear them while you are playing in the sand with your grandkids, invest in a waterproof bag or box and keep it in a safe and secure place. You don’t want your hearing aids to get sand or water in the tiny mechanical parts causing performance issues or permanent damage.

Hearing Aids in Water

2. Humidity & Sweat-
Any type of moisture can destroy the microphone and receiver of your hearing aids (among other tiny parts). You can wear Hearing aid “sweatbands” or “sheaths” on the hearing aids to protect them from moisture while still letting sound come in naturally. You can also carry cotton swabs with you to occasionally wipe the sweat from them. While sweat and humidity aren’t as dangerous as submersion in water, it can still wreak havoc if you are using them for long periods while sweating. It is best to remove them and place them in a cool dry place with the battery door open. Otherwise, buy a Hearing Aid dryer or dehumidifier and place them in there every night to keep them dry.

Protect your hearing aid

3. Oops, My Hearing aids got wet! What do I do?
Do NOT use a hair dryer, clothes dryer to dry them out. That would just cause more damage than the moisture did. As soon as they have gotten wet, remove the battery. If you have a hearing aid dryer, put them in it as soon as possible. Another popular option is to place them in a plastic bag filled with uncooked rice. The rice will soak up some of the moisture. Leave overnight.

4. How Do I Know if My Hearing Aid is Damaged?
There are a few indicators that your hearing devices have sustained some damage. If you’ve given your hearing aids plenty of time to dry and the battery has been replaced, yet you are still experiencing the following, then it’s time to call your hearing care professionals at Hearing Aid Express.

• Your hearing aid(s) cut out when noises are loud.
• They turn off and turn back on or sounds fade.
• You hear a lot of static
• Sounds are distorted


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