Hearing Aids And iPhone Integration: Why Would I Want That?

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Hearing Aids And iPhone Integration: Why Would I Want That?

Hearing Aid Phone Integration

As many of you are aware, many of the newest hearing instruments are now “Made For Iphone”. Something that I always hear from consumers when they are introduced is, “Why would I want that?”.

One of the first things I hear from them is, “I don’t use an iPhone.” Well, increasingly… This objection is solving itself. Non “smart” cell phones are quickly becoming obsolete due to the advancement of technology. The fact is, more than half of senior citizens and baby-boomers are now using smart phones, and the iPhone is the most popular device among them.

Now, I’m not going to spend too much time on how great the smartphone is. Most anyone who uses one realizes that these devices are not just telephones, but are truly a doorway to a digital lifestyle and muti-faceted means of communication that is changing the world as we know it. A smartphone not only enables us to keep in touch through phone calls; but also email, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. It’s a way to keep the score of every game in your pocket, translate text and speech to other languages instantly, and play great video games – all on one device – right inside your pocket.

For many hearing aid users, hearing aids do not interface with this tech savvy world. Many hearing instruments squeal and object when a smartphone is introduced to them. With others, though…

The LiNX Series by ReSound, for example, leverages the power of these devices and helps you to actively immerse yourself in them. LiNX instruments (now about to debut their 3rd generation product) have not only allowed users to connect to the people around them in a variety of environments, but connect to Apple’s iPhone in a seamless way to enable our customers to use them in ways never thought possible.

Users have the ability to use their iPhone as a remote to control the hearing aids. They can fine tune the settings of their instruments anywhere in the real world, then save their settings so that the hearing aid knows just how to tune itself to that environment when they return to it. The iPhone can also be used as a tracking device to find lost hearing aids. The hearing aids themselves can be used as high end wireless headphones. They allow users to hear clearly on the phone, with FaceTime, plus, listen and understand YouTube videos, TV shows, Movies, audiobooks and music completely hands-free. Soon, users will even be able to use their iPhone to request service for their hearing aids, and have an expert specialist or audiologist make changes to fine tune their hearing aid – without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

If you’d like to see how a pair of hearing instruments can integrate with a smart phone to change your lifestyle in remarkable ways, please give any of our Hearing Aid Express offices a call and ask us about the LiNX experience. I just know you’ll be blown away by what these incredible instruments can do.


About the Author:

Hi, my name is Dusty Potter and I’m a second generation Hearing Instrument Specialist. I spent my youth around hearing aids and hearing tests — apprenticing with my mother, and so it was only natural that I chose to follow a career path that’s focused on helping people regain their hearing, improving their ability to listen and to communicate, and to reconnect with their families, friends and work colleagues.