Why a Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist is so important to us

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Why a Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist is so important to us

Why a Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist is so important to us

You’ll thank me later.

You’ve just made a huge purchase on a brand-new, big-screen TV with all the bells and whistles and now that you’ve got it installed and tuned to your favorite channel you’re ready head back to the electronics store and thank them for your purchase….err…wait.

You don’t get back in your car, drive back to the store and THANK the salesman for your purchase. That’s just silly! We also don’t call or drive back to the doctor’s office and thank the doctor or the nurse for handling our health woes!

So, why do we call and thank our hearing care professionals, or stop by the office with cookies or a thank you card when we purchase a hearing aid? People do it all the time.

I think I know why- and I’m going to try to explain it:

Let me start with a little backstory. Perhaps your spouse/friend has been hounding you to get your hearing checked and you always say “I hear fine, you just mumble,” or “I don’t want to wear anything in my ears,” or even “I don’t want to look old.” After a few months (or even years), you finally relent and make that hearing test appointment. You drag your feet into the office and grumble to yourself, “these people are just going to try to sell me the most expensive devices. I should just buy them online.”

Your Hearing Instrument Specialist or Audiologist greets you and welcomes you to your first hearing test. You’re still grumbling under your breath. After the initial pleasantries and discussion about why you find yourself in the testing chair, you begin to realize, this Specialist isn’t all that bad. The testing experience is quick and painless and you even had your ears checked for earwax (for free)!

The Specialist will then discuss what your hearing test means. Whether you have a hearing loss in one or both ears, how severe it might be and discuss the type of lifestyle you lead. They ask these questions for a couple of reasons; to get to know you, and to find out which devices to recommend that will fit the way you live your life and not just your ears.

If you play golf and spend time outdoors, or catch a game on TV, you may not need the hearing aid technology that works best in a highly active lifestyle such as an office setting during meetings, on phone calls, at business lunches, etc. Wherever you fit on the curve of life, there is a hearing device for you.

Once you’ve made your choice to start your Risk-Free trial, you realize that the process was enlightening. Your Specialist has begun to develop a relationship with you and wants to help you hear the best possible. Because you decided to do business with a true professional, you may pay a little more than you would online, but that’s when you realize you get so much more for your money than a box with some devices that might not even be right for you to begin with.

You have expert guided assistance for tune-ups, follow-up appointments to tweak anything that might not be right with the sound or the comfort of the device, coaching through the process of living an active lifestyle with a hearing loss, warranties, loss and damage protection and specialized service that fits around you…and it’s included in the purchase price!

Now, when you go home, you begin to realize just how much your spouse/friend was right. The TV was up too loud, you were missing much of the conversation and felt isolated. Not anymore. You have better hearing now. You’re experiencing the Hearing Aid Express Difference.

That is why we call or go back to the store to thank them for what they do.

And they are so happy when we do.

Katie Britt, Marketing Director
Hearing Aid User for over 35 years


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