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10 Reasons to Try ReSound LiNX

Since ReSound released their most advanced hearing aid to date, the ReSound LiNX, the main focus has been its Made for iPhone (MFi) compatibility. No doubt, this aspect of the LiNX is useful and awesome for individuals who have a smartphone, but we here at Hearing Aid Express also feel it takes attention away from the other wonderful features this aid possesses. The LiNX is a state of the art device – whether you have a smartphone or not – and we aim to highlight a few features we believe anyone with a hearing loss can benefit from.

  1. Sound Quality – When looking for a hearing device, sound quality has to be, by far, the most important feature. Nothing disrupts your lifestyle more than not having access to vivid and natural sound. With ReSound LiNX, you can expect clear sound, no matter where you find yourself. At home in front of the TV, a crowded restaurant or enjoying a loud concert, you can expect top rated sound quality for your specific needs.
  2. Automatic Adjustment – ReSound LiNX utilize stare of the art technology to make sure you are delivered the most appropriate settings for the environment you are in, without extra work on your end. If you wear two hearing aids, they exchange data and work together to dynamically select the best directional response for any listening environment. This means you get better speech understanding  in noisy situations plus a more natural sense of surroundings – even in the most difficult listening environments.
  3. ReSound LiNX Is The Perfect Fit – ReSound LiNX is an extremely versatile hearing aid, fitting 90% of all hearing loss, from mild to severe.
  4. Wireless Technology – Imagine streaming sound and data directly to your hearing aid in quality stereo sound without the need for additional devices. ReSound LiNX provides the most advanced wireless communication, so you can enjoy all this and more.
  5. Active Listening – Resound LiNX communicate ear-to-ear with each other to provide the best sound in every environment. Through constant data comparison, ReSound LiNX dynamically analyzes the sound environment, exchanging information and adjusting to all input clear, natural sound.
  6. No More Whistling – Are you tired of hearing that annoying feedback?  ReSound LiNX prevents whistling while maintaining the volume level you need to hear clearly.
  7. Sleek Design- ReSound LiNX hearing aids are designed to fit snugly, forming to the contours of your ear to be so discreet that most people won’t even know you are wearing them.
  8. Tough And Reliable – With every component sealed off from moisture, oil and dust through the use of a iSolateTM nanotech, an ultra-thin polymer, you can rest easy knowing your hearing aids are durable enough to wear throughout your active lifestyle.
  9. Customization – Your ReSound LiNX are not only set to match you specific hearing need by you hearing aid specialist, but with the new ReSound Smart app, controlling your hearing has never been easier. In addition, even if you don’t have a phone, ReSound LiNX is also designed with control buttons directly on the hearing aid itself.
  10. Stream The Things You Love – ReSound LiNX allows you to stream content directly to your hearing aids without the need of any addition device to relay the signal. No longer is it necessary to have a neck-worn device because ReSound LiNX enables you to hear voices and sounds from farther distances away than other hearing aids.

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