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Don’t Ignore Family Member’s Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a condition that is usually more frustrating for friends and family of the person who has hearing loss. Family members of those with hearing loss tend to have to repeat things over and over. Communication, over time, might become near impossible.

Often there are obvious signs your loved one has hearing loss.

  • Over the last few years or months the radio or television volume keeps getting louder and louder.
  • You notice they aren’t responding to conversation or responding in incorrect ways to friends and family, especially women and children because they usually speak in higher frequencies where hearing loss often occurs first.
  • They just don’t want to be around friends and family as often as they used to. They stop wanting to go to restaurants or nosy environments (It is harder to hear in these types of situations because of the background noise make it almost impossible for someone with hearing loss to hear the things they want to hear.)

Ways You Can Help Address Hearing Loss

If you suspect your loved one has hearing loss, suggest that they get a hearing evaluation by a professional. Hearing professionals can offer tests and evaluation to determine if there is hearing loss, wax buildup or a more complex condition that needs to be evaluated by a medical doctor.

However, getting your loved one into see a professional might not be so easy. Your loved one may suspect they have hearing loss, but may not want to address it. Unaddressed hearing loss over time, can actually cause hearing and speech understanding to become worse. Once it does, it usually cannot be reversed.

  • Professionals recommend that when you talk to someone about the possibility that they have hearing loss, talk to them one-on-one about your concerns.
  • Explain how their possible hearing loss is impacting your relationship and how you may have noticed some of their habits have changed.

To explore in more depth how to talk to someone you suspect might have a hearing loss, visit the Better Hearing Institute for more practical suggestions for breaking through to someone who resist seeing a professional.

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