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ReSound Hearing Aid App Puts You In Control

It seems we can do everything with smartphones. Now, you can even control the volume and programs on your hearing aid. ReSound Smart Control app lets you make hearing aid adjustments to ReSound wireless hearing aids (the ReSound Verso and ReSound Alera). To use the app, you must have a Unite Phone Clip+.  ReSound wireless hearing aid users can visit the company’s website to download the app if they have an Apple iPhone 3GS or newer phone that runs iOS 5 or later.  There is also an app for Android smartphones running version 2.3 or later.The ReSound Control app works through the ReSound United Phone Clip+, an optional accessory that is sold seperately that helps users hear better on phones.Wireless hearing aids feature Bluetooth technology to stream sounds directly to your hearing aids. Resound’s Verso and Alera hearing aids also work with optional TV streaming and portable mini microphone devices.To find out more on the latest in wireless hearing aids, call any Hearing Aid Express office for a free screening and demonstration. Find a nearby location, here.

For a quick video on the ReSound Control App, visit this video.

If you already have ReSound Verso or Alera hearing aids, you can download the app here.


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