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The Audiologists of Hearing Aid Express

In Texas, there are three groups of people who are legally allowed to dispense hearing aids: Audiologists, Licensed Dispensers and Medical Doctors.
While all Licensed Dispensers (including Board Certified Dispensers) fit hearing aids, not all Audiologists do. Some of them practice audiology in other ways, such as aural rehabilitation, balance treatments or screening newborn children.
Audiologists and Doctors of Audiology have to be licensed in Texas to dispense hearing aids. In addition to their schooling they also take continuing education classes to help keep their skills fresh.
Audiology has traditionally been a Master’s Degree program. In the past few years it has been transitioning to a Doctoral program. Audiologists who complete the Doctoral program earn their AuD, or Doctor of Audiology designation. Hearing Aid Express is pleased – and proud – to have Doctors of Audiology as part of our team.
We have Audiologists in all three of our major markets – Austin, Dallas and Houston.

We have launched new pages on our website to introduce you to these hearing care professionals. It’s all part of our continuing effort to bring you the most appropriate hearing help delivered by caring, competent professionals.


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