100% Wireless Hearing Aids – Is It True?

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100% Wireless Hearing Aids – Is It True?

Yes it is!  ReSound, a worldwide leader in hearing aids, has just released their Alera product.  Alera represents a big change – it’s not just “this year’s new hearing aid”.
It has a brand new integrated chip with much more memory than their prior products.  Why is this important?  Because it means the hearing aid can do more – which means more for you.

It is a small, instant-fit RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aid with advanced Surround Sound, which makes it easier to hear in noise and other situations.

What About the Wireless Part?

This is where it gets even better!  ReSound has also released accessories that work with this hearing aid wirelessly.  There are currently three accessories:

Wireless TV Streamer – this one is great for the hearing aid wearer, and maybe even better for their spouses!  Have you been in a room with someone who has a hearing loss and tried to watch TV with them?  They sometimes have the television so loud you can barely stay in the room.  Alera and the wireless TV streamer make this problem go away.
This streamer plugs into your TV and connects to the Alera hearing aids wirelessly.  You have the television at a “normal” volume that is comfortable for you, while the Alera wearer has the TV sound transmitted wirelessly directly to their hearing aids at the volume that is comfortable for them.  No more shouting over the TV sound, “Time for dinner”!

Wireless Phone Clip – There are some other hearing aids designed to work with your cell phone, but they typically require that you wear something around your neck to connect your phone to your hearing aids.  Not anymore.
The Alera works with the phone clip – wirelessly of course.  You can have your cell phone in your pocket or purse and have the small clip somewhere in easy reach (such as clipped to the corner of your blouse).  When the phone rings, you simply touch the button on the clip to answer your cell phone.  Want the volume louder or softer?  Just touch the control on the phone clip to easily adjust the volume so it’s clear and comfortable.

Wireless Remote – The small, sleek remote works in a couple of ways.  First, you can use it to adjust your hearing aids, changing the volume or program as you move for example from a quiet room to a noisy one.  Second, you can also use it as a wireless remote control with your TV streamer.  Super-easy to connect (no wires of course!); this accessory is sure to be a hit with hearing aid users.
The Alera is already a great hearing aid.  These optional accessories make them even better.  ReSound offers the accessories under the Unite brand; their sister company Beltone offers a similar product under the name Beltone True.

Hearing Aid Express is pleased to offer the new ReSound Alera and Unite wireless accessories.  The Alera is a small, instant fit receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid which makes it easy for you to try before you buy.

Come see us at any Hearing Aid Express location and we will be glad to let you listen to these new hearing aids with their industry-leading technology.  You can even try out the remote and TV streamer right in our offices and hear for yourself what a difference the Alera makes, all at no cost or obligation to you.

Give us a call today and hear what you’ve been missing!  For the nearest Hearing Aid Express office, click here.


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