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Siemens Acuris Life Hearing Aids

Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids are made by the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the United States and are part of a proud tradition of quality and innovation. With 125 years of experience in working with hearing aids and  hearing assistance, Siemens is a highly respected manufacturer that puts out impressive products, including Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids.

One of the many things that makes Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids so appealing is that they are virtually invisible when worn. Plus, they’re comfortable, unobtrusive, and are designed for maximum value and performance by Siemens engineers.

Wearers of Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids will enjoy years of hearing assistance — these hearing aids are dependable and capable of handling most ordinary hearing situations. With a quality hearing aids, people who are suffering from hearing loss can participate in conversations with ease and will be able to hear sounds more clearly and loudly.

About Siemens

In 1878, Werner von Siemens designed one of the first amplified hearing aids — a telephone handset with powerful amplification. This design was like nothing you’ll see at a hearing aid store today, but it gave way to another innovation by Siemens in 1913: the Phonophor hearing aid. This included a battery, microphone and receiver, and people carried it in a handbag when they weren’t using it. Just one year later, Siemens took that design to a new level and added a miniature receiver that sat close to the eardrum. Looking at this design, it’s easy to see how it gave way to modern Siemens hearing aids.

More Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens Acuris Life hearing aids are just one example of quality hearing aids from Siemens. We’re proud to carry a wide variety of Siemens hearing aids at Hearing Aid Express, including the Siemens Nitro, Siemens Vibe and Siemens Pure.

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