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All About the Starkey Destiny Hearing Aid

Thinking about buying a Starkey Destiny hearing aid or two? These hearing aids have an excellent reputation for quality and innovation. They are BTE hearing aids, or behind-the-ear hearing aids, and several styles are available in the Destiny series. Built with BluWave Signal Processing, the Starkey Destiny  hearing aid adapts to your ever-changing environment, a factor that is certainly important for hearing aid wearers.

When you meet with a hearing professional, they will be able to determine the best Starkey Destiny hearing aid model for you, as there are several different kinds. Here are the key features of the Starkey Destiny hearing aid:

Directional Speech Detector (DSD). This feature reduces background noise and focuses on speech sounds. DSD monitors environments and adjusts to them.

Automatic Telephone Response. A big complaint about hearing aids is that talking on a telephone can be difficult. Thanks to Automatic Telephone Response, the Starkey Destiny hearing aid adjusts for optimal communication and eliminates feedback.

Active Feedback Intercept (AFI). AFI helps get rid of annoying feedback sounds like whistling.

Acoustic Signature. This state-of-the-art sound management tool detects and classifies different sound environments and then adapts to an optimal setting. It’s available on the Starkey Destiny 1200 and Starkey Destiny 1600.

What’s more is that the Starkey Destiny hearing aid series is stylish and thoughtfully designed.

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We’re proud to carry the Starkey Destiny hearing aid, but that’s just one of many quality hearing aids in our impressive selection. Stop by your nearest Hearing Aid Express store to have your questions about hearing loss and hearing aids answered. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. We also offer several free services on a daily basis, including free hearing evaluations, free cleanings and adjustments, and free digital demonstrations.


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