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Starkey Destiny 1600: Find it at Hearing Aid Express

Made by Starkey, the Destiny 1600 is a quality hearing aid that offers enhanced hearing to people with hearing loss that is affecting their quality of life. This hearing aid is designed for maximum value and performance. Starkey is known for its innovative hearing aids, and the Destiny 1600 is no exception — it’s comfortable, unobtrusive and built for years of dependable hearing assistance.

Destiny 1600: A BTE Hearing Aid

Starkey Destiny hearing aids, including the Destiny 1600, are BTE hearing aids. BTE stands for “behind the ear,” since the hearing aid’s technology sits behind the wearer’s ear. These types of hearing aids are perfect for those worried about others being able to see that they’re wearing hearing aids, as BTE hearing aids are discreet.

Destiny 1600: Style

Not only is the Destiny 1600 unobtrusive in design, but it comes in several different colors. This means you can match the Starkey Destiny 1600 hearing aid to your hair color, skin tone or lifestyle, which makes it even more discreet.

Destiny 1600: Features

The Starkey 1600 has countless features and can intuitively adapt to the wearer’s ever-changing environment so that they may hear sounds more loudly and clearly. Active Feedback Intercept (AFI) is one feature, and it, according to Starkey, uses “a method that effectively erases whistling, squealing and other irritating feedback sounds.” So many features make this an outstanding hearing aid.

If you’d like to know more about the Starkey Destiny 1600 or if you have questions about hearing aids or hearing loss, visit your local Hearing Aid Express store. We have locations in Austin, Houston and Dallas, and we can also be contacted online.


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