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Spotlight on Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens hearing aids are proudly carried by Hearing Aid Express. With over 130 years of experience in working with hearing aids and hearing assistance, Siemens manufacturers some of the most impressive and innovative hearing aids today. Some Siemens hearing aids even incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology, so they are able to connect to your television, MP3 player and phone. Here is some brief information about a few of the many Siemens hearing aids we carry at our store:

Siemens Nitro Hearing Aids

The Siemens Nitro hearing aid is specifically designed for people with severe hearing loss, and Siemens notes that it’s perfect for wearers who like to watch TV or listen to music. What’s more is that this is one of a few Siemens hearing aids that is fully compatible with Tek, Siemens’ optional wireless enhancement system that allows users to wirelessly connect to audio devices. Streaming music from an MP3 player and listening to TV are both examples.

Siemens Pure Hearing Aids

Another innovative model is the Siemens Pure hearing aid. Small in size, this hearing aid can barely be noticed when you’re wearing it. That doesn’t mean it’s short on features, though. The Siemens Pure boasts several features that vary depending on performance level. Some features include SoundBrilliance, DataLearning, FeedbackBlocker, Data logging and eWindscreen.

More Hearing Aids

At Hearing Aid Express, we offer many more models from different manufacturers. If you’re looking for something other than Siemens hearing aids, don’t miss our selection of ReSound, Starkey and Unitron.

We have several convenient locations throughout Texas, in Austin, Houston and Dallas. Feel free to stop by one of our hearing aid stores to ask questions about hearing loss. We even offer a free hearing evaluation, and there’s no obligation to buy anything. We’re happy to be your hearing aid store. You can also contact Hearing Aid Express online.


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