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Special Offers & FREE Hearing Services

Now through April 21st, 2017

Special Offers and FREE Hearing Services - April 2017

Hard time hearing your grandkids? Background noise stressing you out? People complain your TV is too loud? Think everyone is mumbling? We can help!

  • FREE Hearing Test –¬†We’ll conduct a comprehensive hearing test which includes a puretone threshold test, a bone conduction test and a speech discrimination exam. The whole process is quick and painless.
  • FREE Video Ear Inspection – See exactly what we see! We’ll look in your ear with a high-tech video ear camera. The results will be magnified on a big screen. See if earwax is blocking your hearing.
  • FREE Auditory Demonstration – We’ll place the most innovative hearing devices over your ears and program them to your unique loss. You will tell us how you hear both with and without amplified hearing.

Listen without wires, hassle or headphones: Music, Phone Calls, GPS Directions, Movies and Games. Download our comprehensive guide to hearing aids from our website!

It’s time to experience the Hearing Aid Express difference!

  • Verso 5 Invisible Style $887 each
  • Vea 2 Full Shell $599 each
  • LiNX2 (7&9) $1206 off a pair. Available in all styles!
  • 60-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • 40 Batteries for $12. Sizes 12/13/312/675
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