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Hands Free Device


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Hearing Aid Express – We’ve Been Helping People Hear Better Since 1989.

At Hearing Aid Express we believe you should have more choices at lower prices. We don’t believe that paying lower prices for hearing aids means you should have to sacrifice service…….That’s why we always offer:

Is it hearing loss or just ear wax? You can find out today without having to spend a penny. Our professionals can perform an Otoscopic Examination, Hearing Screening, Consultation and Patient Analysis at no charge. You are never under any obligation to buy.
We believe in offering quality service after your hearing aid purchase. Our hearing aids come with the peace-of-mind of knowing that you will never have to pay for programming adjustments or cleanings for the life of any hearing aid you purchase from us. Some places only offer these free services until the hearing aid warranty expires. We believe it’s part of the service you deserve no matter how long you’ve had hearing problems.
Our fresh hearing aid batteries are only 50 cents each. That’s about half the price of most hearing aid clinics and typically much lower than the drugstore. We also offer a battery-by-mail service when you want to save a trip.
We have been members of the Better Business Bureau since 1997 and have an A+ rating. We have administered the statewide Hearing Benefits Plan for the Texas Retired Teachers Association for more than 9 years.
Texas residents with a hearing loss can qualify for free amplified phones. We provide amplified telephones, ring signalers, Bluetooth neck loops and other products at no charge to eligible Texas residents through the state’s Specialized Telecommunications Access Program (STAP).
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40 batteries for only $20.00 includes FREE SHIPPING.

Buy fresh hearing aid batteries made by the world’s leading hearing aid battery manufacturer.

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